ZigZag Game – World Record 14316 – High score 14000+ – (Android Gameplay)

ZigZag developed by Marius Gerlich and published by Ketchapp!

Vidéo of my High Score !

1st: 14 316 pts –
2nd: 13 624 pts
3rd: 9513 pts –
4th: 9145 pts
5th : 8084 pts –

Next challenge, go beyond 15000 pts !

★ ZIGZAG developed by Marius Gerlich and published by Ketchapp!
★ Download ZigZag For iOS/Android Here!
► iOS:
► Android:
► Ketchapp Website:

Nguồn: https://dinhk.net/

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17 Responses

  1. SM PRO TECH says:

    this is modifictiob

  2. Francis Serrano says:


  3. Jonathan / Qos says:

    And I thought 1400+ was impressive… Lmao I'm worse than I thought

  4. HYPERAura_ HD says:

    u hacker BY THE WAY MY HIGH SCORE IS 364

  5. Edie Cabrera Gordillo says:

    Your bad record is 27867 booooooo!!!!!!!

  6. Sami-Joe Khoury says:

    Thats so buteful my hight score is 216

  7. Elijah Thompson YT says:

    How do ur fingers not get tired

  8. Hoangminer VN says:

    Are you Cheat

  9. YTP Is Fun says:

    New World Record!!!

  10. Jon F. Carlssen says:

    Is that real?!

  11. Braceland Degenhart says:

    I beat it

  12. Itachi Akutagawa says:

    a genious !!

  13. y.w says:

    Wie viele Runden hast du gespielt? How many rounds have you play

  14. TheMentos Candy says:

    no true

  15. Eii22 says:

    haha, thats insane 😀 i mean… how long did it take for you to get this score? :O

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