Zedd – Spectrum Lyrics ft. Matthew Koma

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  1. Daniel SP says:

    Cara, só errou na tipografia. Mas o resto ficou ótimo.

  2. nil. says:

    I have such blury memories of this song. It only once played in the radio and I knew that I really liked it. It is even a wonder I was able to find this. I don't know I really like it.

  3. _Cupcake_ 13 says:


  4. Selena I says:

    Hearing this song when it came out made me love zedd more and my new love for Matthew koma!❤️❤️

  5. KennySlap says:


  6. Aluna Perez says:

    This song made me believe in my Love for Steven. I lived these lyrics.

  7. Vero Dallas4life says:


  8. Frosted says:

    i love this song

  9. Oscar Guillen says:


  10. Space Fan Alien Robot says:

    Holy shit I still remember this song!!! When I was like 11 or 12 I completely memorized the lyrics and I haven't listen to this song since then! And I still remember it! Kinda not exactly but still! I remember how it goes!

  11. LittleRediplier 33 says:

    Obviously anime song!!!!!

  12. Natalie Rocks says:

    great song!!!!!!!!!!

  13. FrozenCorpse 490 says:

    To me, this kinda seems like an anime opening.

  14. Vanes sa says:

    liebe das lied <333

  15. Kayla Myers says:

    …liked this band before they came out with all their new music XD

  16. l3eautyy says:

    honestly had no idea this song was a year old the song wasnt well known until 2013 but they you for the music

  17. alyssa love :3 says:

    kinda sounds like swedian house mafia.. for some reason o.o

  18. Alyssa Sketches says:

    cool video!

  19. Kawaii Pandaruu says:

    i cant sing along :CCCC

  20. N. L. Nord says:

    I luv spectrum !

  21. CarlJohnson says:

    he sounds girl

  22. Marco Landi says:

    Ohh, thank youu :')**

  23. Marco Landi says:

    Thank you very much :))*

  24. Marco Landi says:

    Hey, i used Final Cut Pro 🙂 Thank you :)**

  25. Alfa Official says:

    dude wtf man lyrics is to move a bit before the song not synced how the f*** do i sing along

  26. Jamison Eckley says:

    I love this song!

  27. AlphaBeyond says:

    Simple & Marvelous lyric video 🙂
    Accurate & Nicely done
    Keep it up ! 😀

  28. Bilal samara says:

    This song never gets old.

  29. Jesy Helms says:

    The MTV Woodie awards brought me here…

  30. Jeffaaa Beats says:

    isnt this enrique???

  31. Thofer Serafico says:

    Hey dude, what application did you use for editing ? just asking please reply . thankyou,
    btw nice vid 🙂

  32. Marco Landi says:

    Thank you, I hope increase 🙂

  33. Marco Landi says:

    Thank you 🙂 I love this song *-*

  34. Harvey says:

    This video deserves more views!

  35. Marco Landi says:

    Thank You Very Much :))

  36. Marco Landi says:

    Thank You 🙂

  37. Marco Landi says:

    No, i used Final Cut Pro 🙂

  38. Marco Landi says:

    Oohh Thank You Very Much :')

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