Zedd – Spectrum ft. Matthew Koma (Official Music Video)

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Music video: Spectrum by Zedd (feat. Matthew Koma) (C) 2012 Interscope Records
Video directed by Petro and featuring Taryn Manning & Derek Magyar
Download “Clarity”

Spectrum feat. Matthew Koma (Radio Mix) Available at iTunes:

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33 Responses

  1. anisatristiyanti says:

    So happy for your marriage matthew and hillary duff

  2. Getyour says:

    the high pitched note at the drop @3:12 used to make my ears melt 😍

  3. Jorge Miranda says:


  4. CatsInTheBelfry says:

    This was the song I fell in love with his voice, I come back every now and then

  5. Benjamin Morales says:


  6. Rick the Sanchez 900 says:

    G E O M E T R Y D A S H

  7. Tuấn Hùng Lê says:

    20/12/2019 còn nghe

  8. Migueee Cortez says:

    Diciembre 2019🤩?

  9. Christian Cellona says:

    I'm still listening to this! 2019 whats up few more days it will be 2020!

  10. Lewis Cannon says:

    Is that dawgett from OITNB?

  11. Tari Fatih says:

    Dont know how explained this song..arrgghh..its make s me drown when hear it..one of the best ZEDD song..always…drown to it 😎

  12. RANDOM BTS says:

    December 2019
    Date: 12/16/19
    15 days till 2020

  13. SavageBacca says:

    Who came back for no reason? Just remembered how good it was hearing this for the first time in 2012. No stress, no job, we were just young enjoying life.

  14. A N X I E T Y D E E P says:

    Dec 2019 hmm?

  15. 666 says:

    This song made up a really big part of my childhood… Hearing it again after like 7 years is giving me goosebumps…

  16. 모카 밀크 says:

    언제 봐도 아련하고 몽환적인 뮤비와 음악이 찰떡….

  17. Gab F. says:

    For me as a metal/rock listener, i still find this kind of music one of the best of its decade

  18. STAGE10th says:

    Who came here from 808 Fest. Thailand 2019?

  19. Manik Bishaya says:

    Anyone notice the Puma jacket?? I love it!!

  20. MyPrivateMusic says:

    1. Why didn’t she take him to her planet? Was this like an intergalactic one night stand?
    2. Was she alien, black eyes kid, or a long kidnapped earthling like that old show the 4400?
    3. Was she good?

  21. Ricardo Francesco says:

    To eu aqui lavando a alma em 12 2019

  22. João Silva says:

    Cadê os BR Daqui, 2020 ❤️

  23. yuriraver7 says:


  24. Manu Grande says:

    December 2019???

  25. Isnan Islam says:

    Never bored of this song, love it

  26. Navas Ayman says:

    😞😞😞😞😞💔💔💔 jest love

  27. Martin Galeano says:


  28. The Cholo Geek says:

    Don't mind me, just here to dislike all the "2019?" comments

  29. Guillermo says:

    Matthew koma has the voice of a female… dude wtf? Disturbing

  30. James Grundy says:


  31. Alex Cruz says:

    Valeu zedd

  32. Isaac Diaz says:

    Zedd is awesome!

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