Zedd – Find You ft. Matthew Koma, Miriam Bryant (Official Music Video)

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Director: Jodeb

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42 Responses

  1. Ernest Sangenis Lorenz says:


  2. 被験体E-4514 says:


  3. Damian Orocio says:

    Like si la chica se parece a Joy de Jesse & Joy

  4. Baba Yaga says:

    2020 ?

  5. Ryo says:

    Kevin Bacon?!!!!!!!!

  6. こーだい says:

    I supposed singing 2 women….but

  7. Mdarif Zulkifli says:

    Still 💕 2020

  8. John denver Abueva says:


  9. Swea says:


  10. Mindy Mcready says:

    Hello 2020 😍

  11. Juan Rivero says:

    Alguien más aún la escucha en 2020?

  12. Niikeiza Chan says:

    My fav since I was in college.

  13. bOsTer QardOona says:

    Starting 2020
    Esta década puedo mejorar a como termino la pasada.
    Come on EDM, you can.

  14. Dis Flores says:

    2020? 💕

  15. Riri Day says:

    2020 WASSUPPPP ❤️

  16. Rafael Norte says:

    2020 and I'm here, listening to this art, what else is with me? .. Algum BR 🇧🇷 ?

  17. Nicholas Foster says:

    Zedds old song are his best…..No joke

  18. Maite Bautista says:

    Me fascina la canción 😁

  19. A Slysy says:


  20. Agatha Prisca says:

    31 December 2019

  21. APTERŸX says:

    Not gonna lie, I like the xDEFCONx version better…

  22. Green Harmony says:

    I heard zedd is overrated actually.

  23. Ayu Diah Prameswari says:

    I came here just to make sure that Hillary Duff really married to this Matthew

  24. Tatiana Rivera says:

    The iconic line “if you lose yourself I will find you 😌” will forever and always hit different

  25. Guinevere Baroque says:

    the effects is lit

  26. Jorge Caio Aranda Gutierrez says:

    Tremendy productor aunque sea de EDM 👏👏

  27. Anzy says:

    música foda do caralho

  28. Alma Romero Osogobio says:

    Imanol Lopez Romero: 2:31 0:35 1:18 3:16 I 💙 this song

  29. Mills J says:

    A good singer but so underrated.

  30. Hazfa hazfa says:

    Im here coz matthew koma is married to hillary duff

  31. x y z says:

    Miss this zedd era…

  32. Green Harmony says:

    Listening for happiness and good vibes.

  33. Miguel Rodriguez says:

    Listening on December 22 -2019?

  34. Ekrem Dilber says:

    0:40 I love this entry

  35. alex Ramos says:

    This song is amazing I been listening to it since I own the soundtrack of divergent

  36. Siminthesky says:

    that queen sound in there distracts the whole song…

  37. Nicholas Raj Philip says:

    And I have found you… 🙂

  38. Paulo Sergio says:

    Dezembro 2019? BRAZILLL 🇧🇷💖🔥💥

  39. AWE SOME says:

    Just here to test the bass of my newly bought headphones 😂

  40. migwel says:

    love this music video
    just like
    girl in bath
    cool visuals
    girl sees other girl at club
    oop other girl here too
    quick make out session
    birds are like nah
    jump into ice cold water
    bath portal

  41. migwel says:

    THIS WAS MY FIRST EVER FAVORITE SONG AND I HEARD THIS WHEN I WAS LIKE 9 this song will forever have a special place in my heart ❤️ man this decade has been one wild ride

  42. Solmarena Dorta says:

    can’t believe this song came out 5 years ago… still love it in 2019.

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