Wash Race : Beko vs Beko Intensive 60 vs Baby care 60’c

original beko ecocare wma1512 vs the 2018 Beko wtb741r2a. selecting program 3. intensive 60’c on the old beko. dose a extended main wash and 4 rinses. baby cycle on the new beko dose an extra rinse as standard so also dose 4. both take a full load and both spin at max revolutions.

source: https://dinhk.net/

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5 Responses

  1. Mr Seven says:

    Wait….do you wash underwear with other clothes??like jeans and other coloured clothes??and another question:can the Jeans be washed on 60c or it might damage it?

  2. Buosty says:

    Could You Do Dark Care 40° With Fast+ ?

  3. Arcfa22 says:

    Which model of zanussi were you talking about that similar tot the beko timer

  4. Beko& Hotpoint says:

    Beko had four spin speed up to 1000rpm

  5. Samsung boy 2008 says:

    So u got the old beko working and what was wrong with it?

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