VILLA FELIZ – EPISODE 507: TIKI BAR – PART 4 (House Building in the Philippines)

Day 5 on the Tiki Bar project. I had to get 2 more pieces of granite and didn’t want to wait on delivery, so I made a nifty transport rack with the left over coco lumber I picked up last week.
Lunch at Liam’s Lomi House.

Title: Who’s Using Who


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23 Responses

  1. Stephen Ksiazek says:

    Sir, you are awesome! Your future neighbors will be so lucky.

  2. Kalbon says:

    Oh no James, we are missing Liam's Lomi! Anyhow, check out the meat shop right across the street, all of their food is awesome! We forgot the name, but enjoy!

  3. Matt Gustafson says:

    The primary purpose of a circuit breaker is to protect the house wiring not the appliances. 14 gauge wire is rated at 15 amps as you said. Finding the correct size will be worth the trouble if you will ever need it.

  4. Dawson Creek In The Philippines says:

    Say Hi to people you don't know even In Canada and they look at you like your an ax murderer, but in the Philippines, you are greeted like a long lost relative. Like I always say, I went there first because of the Islands, But I keep coming back, because of the friendly people 🙂 that's why I will retire there for good next year, but this trip is only for six months 🙂 November to April. ?? you need a small sink as well and now is a great time to cut it out in the granite. you can put a waste bucket under it as the drain would be head to do at this point.

  5. AR ES says:

    Yay, Samsung came through! Ness' face says it all. Yep James is anal haha. I wondered if you picked the two granite slabs yourself to make sure they matched in thickness.

  6. Patrick Obrien says:

    Hi James great video was great help for me 🏅🏅🏅thanks 😁🐶🐕nice food 😉🏡

  7. This is Our Philippines says:

    James and Ness,
    Guess you did not catch our Nilagang Baboy video! I don't have a special way for mixing the peppers, just as long as I have them to mix in. I am more along with Ness, the more peppers the better! I love lomi too! Those were some big bowls you had there.
    Liked the idea of the USB ports. That is nice when traveling to find the restaurants that have those at the tables now.

  8. Tom Davao says:

    don't forget the mini frig and small sink ?

  9. h2odragon1 says:

    The Garage door looks like it's faded, and needs some stain! Are the other doors holding up?

  10. h2odragon1 says:

    Freud would like to talk to you!

  11. Luis Allen Dalisay says:

    Can we trade, my 2 eggs and 10 small sausage breakfast for your Lomi,? LOL

  12. W B says:

    The lomi batangas is definitely the best. Love it.💓

  13. W B says:

    Hello James, i was wondering if you will put supports in the middle so as to prevent the granite from cracking. Good job so far.👍👌

  14. David Morgan says:

    You are not anal! You are meticulous. Extremely meticulous! 🙂

  15. Ai Salcedo says:

    hi james and ness can i get the nos for samsung service center we have a samsung tv with no sound. thnks

  16. chaseme81871 says:

    Samsung TV's are the worst. they are riddled with issues. I have fixed more Samsung TV's than any other brand. Good luck with yours, I hope it lasts.

  17. Annie Soucek says:


  18. Annie Soucek says:


  19. Alex Parel says:

    you're making a mess on the lomi house, pepper seeds everywhere LOL 🙂 That restaurant is a go to for really good lomi noodles, I personally haven't been there or even to Lipa but i hear from friends that it's the best 🙂

  20. Earl Jones says:

    As a Lipeño, James' sequence of prepping the Lomi condiments gets my stamp of approval 😉

  21. Blue Printing Dreams says:


    You might find if you have a light overhead, that your decorative cover would allow you to sneak your feeder from above eliminating the floor cord shield and keeping the floor clear of obstruction. Those cord races are fine in an office atmosphere, but Tiki Gods sometimes shuffle when they walk! And they do run around two or three thousand pounds!

  23. PJACK says:

    Good evening J.ames and Necie

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