Vampires in Vanilla Minecraft 1.9 w One Command

What’s up fellas. Today I made a Vampire One Command Creation. The machine lets you turn into a bat, fly, create coffins and more, if you want to try it out for yourself just take a look at the command using the link below. 🙂


►Suggest ideas:



►My website programmer:

►My sister’s channel:
(She makes super awesome and super many videos)


1) Ghost’n’Ghost – The Adventure

2) daPlaque – Ultimate


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41 Responses

  1. Malijae Gamerist1209 says:

    Tried it doesn’t work

  2. Littlebickmicke y says:

    can i save me in a House? or under blocks? i am not perfect in speaking English, but its okay…

  3. A13Playz Channel says:

    hi will it work on Minecraft 1.8.9

  4. clydedeniel catingub says:

    Please do werewolfes please!!!

  5. Startion says:

    Also could you please update this, this is the best command ever!!

  6. Startion says:

    Help!! Please respond it doesn’t work for me!! I did everything!!

  7. JC Typical says:

    🙁 it didnt work

  8. LaloGmr PkBy says:


  9. Farhan says:


  10. Someone On Earth says:

    Still work in 2018 ?

  11. AbyssWalker240 Gaming says:

    vampires technically don't breath so vampires should only lose their powers when they're in the water. they should actually receive water breathing when they enter water

  12. Fcbh Fufgs says:

    I can do this at school.

  13. Bailey says:

    It worked!

  14. Bailey says:

    I changed my user to MsBaileyYT

  15. Awesome KC says:

    With The Coffin it started to go crazy for annoying reasons when I placed it

  16. Ammar Abuarja says:

    McMakistein i well keep playing with the command

  17. RoseTru says:

    WANT TO SEE MY VIDEO GO TO Troevan in the up

  18. The Fast stave says:

    ไคอยากให้พี่คชารีวิว comman นี้บ้าง

  19. Phạm Gia Khoa says:

    Cool 😀 + 1 sub!

  20. False Vision says:

    Whats the command

  21. army of mimes says:

    i cant remove the vampire bed

  22. ElfenDrago says:

    please make a werewolf one of these

  23. Leonardo Venturi says:

    Werewolves command plz

  24. John_d 31 says:

    No burning in daylight 😢 but otherwise this is awesome!!!

  25. Garnet AngelicaHam says:

    has anybody found the preist

  26. Km7 says:

    Does it work on multiplayer?

  27. Swanky says:

    OMG YOU ARE THE COMMAND BLOCK GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Awakening Ones says:

    am i able to become in crea

  29. KadOV says:

    it doesen't work

  30. Jens van Straten says:

    best vampire command ever no one can do the same. Im so extited with the bat transformation thx!!

  31. Theminer Commands says:


  32. Lewsters says:

    woohoo no resourse pack yay

  33. 꼬마돌 says:

    Very good!!!!

  34. Dom Zaio says:

    Gotta feel bad for the person who spawns on a small island and run into a bat. ._.

  35. Peachiss's Other Channel says:


  36. The Redstone Scientist says:

    Very clever!

  37. Ghost'n'Ghost says:

    yay thanks for using the adventure (っ◕‿◕)っ

  38. Baron Sengir says:

    Hey! Great video, I love vampires. One question relating to another video of yours, the herobrine boss battle one. Can I get a single command block creation just for the boots? You don't have to make it a video.


  39. my name is Noah says:

    doesn't work and I was in 1.9

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