Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 Full Gameplay Demo – E3 2019

Watch 20 minutes of choice-driven RPG gameplay in this full gameplay demo for Bloodlines 2 from E3 2019.


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  1. patmurf1 says:

    Not sure if combat atrocious or player atrocious…

  2. aaron4820 says:

    Coming to IGN next: Cyberpunk 2077 full gameplay demo, controlled with a Dance Dance Revolution mat.

  3. guzzi perine says:

    Thats sad af

  4. Swole Canadian says:

    11:56 they fire 8 shots at point blank and miss all shots. Incredible move, well played.

  5. chudaporn lekhasamarn says:

    Can't waitttt OMGGGG

  6. Cherubim666999 says:

    I love these games

  7. Commando Rick says:

    oh so this the legendary sack of potatoes who got to play the demo? what a shameful waste of demo damn

  8. douglas kelvin says:

    ign you dont know how to play? i mean walk and move camera in the same time?

  9. Kolt Drews says:

    Whoever played this was straight trash

  10. Łukasz SHADOW says:

    Słabo to wygląda.:/

  11. Bloodklot says:

    Is the person playing this game using his feet? How are you this bad at navigating? It's also not a great sign that this game is laggy with dropped frames. I remember this game in the 90's also being very laggy at times. I hope it's not the same deal. Also the devs need to hire someone that can actually do facial animations. Mouth doesn't match talking at all. it's like watching a foreign movie on Netflix. Graphics and lighting are pretty spectacular though. That part is consistent with the original.

  12. Anthony Papiccio says:

    The hits in combat seem kind of off though… people take 2 hits from a lead pipe to the skull and don't lose their balance, then the third exact same strike sends them flying… also as the two baddies were beat up at 11:07 one of them asked 'what is happening' and the other said in a guy's voice 'no f***ing way'… werid

  13. Грин Осатаневший says:


  14. Z Steve says:

    stairs exist.
    almost every video gamers : 0:20

  15. Starteller says:

    Create your BL2 account here:

  16. Paltheus says:

    ALL of this looks very similar to VTM: Bloodlines 1.
    Where do they get their writers from…? Don't they want to produce original content?

  17. Dave Davidson says:

    It's like the Verge Played a Video game ^

  18. JNR says:

    Hey guys, I know we're trashing IGN for this demo but the outside xbox video tells us that the demo was hands off, so basically IGN weren't the one actually playing it.

  19. Юрий Богданов says:

    Looked like a clumsy play in the video and I decreased the humanity…

  20. TheJokerRemix says:

    i now this is a demo, but they stil have a lot of work with the game

  21. Oni Kuro says:

    como hace uno para jugar tan mal un juego xd?

  22. Eduardo Cezar says:

    So… even the vampires look like potatoes now.

  23. Anthony Kydd says:

    I think they should input some type of lock on system when in combat the guy was struggling heavy

  24. Jax Wins says:

    looks like the GTA 5 engine

  25. Johnnie Rogue says:

    the person playing this game should kill himself

  26. Nicholas Bergquist says:

    Came down to comment on how I couldn't tell if the guy playing was using the keyboard or the controller for the first time ever, but all the comments below are all much better than what I came up with.

  27. Caboco Do Faroeste says:

    My lil cousin is 5 years old and plays better than this

  28. Brosse says:

    Never played a Vampire: The Masquerade game let alone the original Bloodlines. I'm a fan of RPGs and I like Blade, which this world seems to bear some resemblance to.

  29. Jan Abs says:

    I realy hope they will rework the grafics of the HUD and the textures till the final game. It looks worst then in Bloodlines!

  30. Athena the SheWolf says:

    I love the ambiance it really kinda feels like the old original, the music sounds very similar too

  31. IMDefold says:

    Look's like dead Light and like dead Light 2

  32. Mr Everybody says:

    The guy playing this was masquerading as a gamer….

  33. jcrivers3360 says:

    Lmao can't believe this game is already 10 years old

  34. Павел Жильцов says:

    Ради этого и железо помощнее можно взять, а нпс как всегда ьанцуют как умалешённые )

  35. Paul Henri Alanís Noyola says:

    Game looks incredible. HYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYPE.

  36. Little Lucifer says:

    Combat looks kinda wonky.

  37. Dave Davidson says:

    Disgusting that a controller was used to play a FPS RPG from what was a PC game show pc play not that retardwithamagentlinmbBS.

  38. Amber Speight says:


    ..heheh foxy boxes

  39. ublwow says:

    its like i could see my mother play

  40. Amnesia Night says:

    this person played the game well for someone with no fingers. I am genuinely impressed at how smooth the game went

  41. Lui Même says:

    when a cockroach infiltrates your clothes

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