Vampire Rain Altered Species All Cutscenes (Game Movie) 1080p (2007)

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41 Responses

  1. Roop Randhawa says:

    So fear so movement so horror it's animated movie but just like view real

  2. Āüšţïñ Bøýđ says:

    Im sorry but fuck anybody who disses this game… when i was a kid this game scared the shit outta me and honestly i havent played ANY game that was like this one.. this game needs a remastered because goddang this game was so so fun and scary to play the first time. Only the real OG gamers know about this game.

  3. Rafal Omnom says:

    1:25:41 that laugh LOL, like some nerd kid screaming into the mic

  4. Kurt says:

    God that acting though. Shitttttttt

  5. yayou zacky says:

    ini kartun apa asli orang

  6. Vine Vant says:


  7. Vine Vant says:


  8. Vine Vant says:

    My comend

  9. Squidly says:

    Jesus who was Harrisons voice actor it sounds so familiar but i cant put a name to the voice.

  10. creator Space says:

    It's done well.

  11. bike teck /hacks / bully adventures says:

    i did play this game but it sucked

  12. Masuka Twenty says:


    I find this scene hilarious.

  13. Masuka Twenty says:

    I would love this game to be remastered onto PC and other consoles.

    Or maybe a whole remake from the ground and up.

  14. Darth Nihilus says:

    Anyone heard of UV lights

  15. ADHeroD says:

    ok so how come the sound at 22:25 hasnt been used in memes yet?

  16. Cody Burtch says:

    Colnol is having them a suicide mission and a douchebag

  17. Hyron T Lawrence says:

    This game it more then shit 💩💩💩💩💩

  18. Alan Duran-Gonzalez says:

    Dis game has the cheesiest dialogue I’ve ever seen and heard of.

    Werk it developers jejeje 🤣

  19. -Watch my playlists- says:

    whens the thumbnail?

  20. Marc Shlyshen says:

    That scene where Harrison dies…I'm actually speechless. This game is so laughably awful that it's amazing.

  21. newborn6 says:

    Story is pretty shitty, Special force mission went from hunt for "elder vamp" to going around town doing small tasks…

  22. Forgem Nos says:

    Solid snake and Shaq teams up lol

  23. vale franc says:

    I found this game in the trash at an appointment complex.

  24. Paul Rice says:

    So…… she runs off Main Street into an ally and gets killed. That really makes sense.

  25. Fade says:

    Ok now where is blade

  26. SuperDumbPlushVids says:

    2:44 oh heck naw

  27. Clifton Rodgers says:

    Sound like Looney tunes lol

  28. Thatvikingguy says:

    the original xbox 360 game audio and scenes weren't as bad as Altered Species… this was a fanatic concept a great game that i enjoyed but need more metal gear elements and a non episodic format would have been better or using the van as a hub before starting the missions. awesome edit bud.

  29. Capslock ABC says:

    Not satisfied with the ending

  30. Paschan TOPs says:

    Was that spiderman at the begining?

  31. FL4K & Moze heat says:

    Am i really the only one who enjoyed this game

  32. Nick Wilson says:

    That ritual towards the end was definitely a knock off of the movie blade.

  33. PREVAIL says:

    This game wouldn’t had been bad if it turnt out to be a movie or a mini series

  34. jeffrey rivera says:

    Watching this makes me depressed

  35. Simone Mollo says:

    Thanks for this man… I really love u for this.

  36. JUICY KID Ok o says:

    U made the legend video even I couldn’t make it past the end

  37. Kagan says:

    This must be another of Snake's vampire related nightmares

  38. erbgorre says:

    i cant let you end life lord hessler? what?

    i was rooting for liara the whole way

  39. BlackFox says:

    1:21:16 HaHA.

  40. BlackFox says:

    1:19:11 huuhu..

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