TRANSFORMERS Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 FULL GAME [1080p HD] – No Commentary

Transformers Walkthrough Part 1 and until the last part will include the full Transformers Gameplay on Xbox 360. This Transformers gameplay is recorded in 1080p HD on Xbox 360 and will include the full Campaign and all bosses.


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Transformers Game follows the story of the Transformers (2007) movie created by Michael Bay and Paramount Pictures. The game includes the characters such as Bumblebee, Optimius Prime, Megatron and many more! The Autobot storyline begins with Bumblebee landing on Earth and taking on the form of a Camaro. He then defeats a group of Decepticon drones. After learning Sam Witwicky is going to buy a used car, Bumblebee goes to Bobby Bolivia’s Used Carlot and is bought by Sam. Later, Sam and his girlfriend, Mikaela Banes, are attacked by a Decepticon, Barricade, but Bumblebee saves them. Bumblebee fights Barricade, while Sam and Mikaela escape. After defeating the Decepticon, Bumblebee finds Sam and Mikaela, who thank him for saving them. Optimus contacts Bumblebee, telling him that Sam has the artifact that contains the location of the AllSpark, and Bumblebee must protect Sam at all costs.

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44 Responses

  1. MKIceAndFire says:

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  2. Matthew Bullinger says:

    In hindsight this is honestly not a good game, even by 2007 standards, but I still have so many fun memories I'll love it forever

  3. lynd says:

    Is the game still available to play

  4. kelompok 2 mi ma`arif kls 4b says:

    Yang lvl 1234

  5. KNUCKLES FOXY says:

    1:25:25 Jazz killed starscream and blackout
    32:14 Jazz got beaten up and almost died by some weak droids

  6. zer0 says:

    So glad I grew up with this

  7. Datonedorito says:

    how do i find this game

  8. Oscar Gonon says:

    My mom said I can get a ps3 for Black Friday and yes I do have a ps4

  9. Venom Ikon says:

    transformers the game on ps2 all day every day

  10. LSC says:


  11. LilKidAnimates says:

    I remember this but the the graphics better

  12. Unknown. Skymaster says:

    not the best game in the world but it had some good moments and great music. i honestly felt so badass after fight blackout and Starscream

  13. 陈炫文 says:

    I still remember that my AMD X1650 refused to run the game no matter how many times I tried

  14. Tyler Chapman says:

    Nice job on the Transformers the game.

  15. Earned says:

    Playing this game on the ps2 on a cool summer day was anything a kid could ever ask for.

  16. ARIJIT RAY says:

    I just started playing this game

  17. -Omega Zero- says:

    Got this for ps2 when I was 7. I’m 19 now. Almost 20

  18. RiptideV10 says:

    Yo. All I could think about while playing Horizon Zero Dawn is a transformers game. Please Someone ANYONE. MAKE A NEXT GEN TRANSFORMERS GAME PLS

  19. react reaction action says:

    I could never get passed shock wave

  20. OptiBumblePrime 100 says:

    Used to play this when I was 4 (now I’m 8) Great memories

  21. Rhys Lucas says:

    Best transformer game

  22. Marvel man 0510 says:

    Oh the memories

  23. Transformers Earth wars says:


  24. Amie Roberts says:

    Shame you could not play rachet brawl bonecrusher and frenzy but I still love this game I still have it on my xbox 360

  25. Ramiro Munoz says:

    This video is really long like the movies

  26. Gina Sonicstar says:

    I remember when I used to play this game with absolutely no knowledge of the story and just started wrecking shit and thought that was the pinnacle of gaming, lmao

  27. Raul Pinto says:

    buen video

  28. Jonson Funaki says:

    why is speak like a white gangsta he supposed speak like a black gangsta

  29. Roberto Estrada-Ramirez says:

    I miss my childhood

  30. Icecreamday Catlin says:

    i probably put 50 hours into this game before reaching the fucking 20 minute mark when i was a kid

  31. The Evil Potato says:

    Tge nostalgia is to strong

  32. Epic_Gamer 65 says:

    I remember the mission where I played as a scorpion transformer

  33. Love Deshwal says:

    Old memories 😭😭

  34. Leano Leotwane says:

    16 ads….y'all nuts

  35. Tubby Custard says:

    45:22 why is he slowly GROWING IN SIZE

  36. Tubby Custard says:

    I can't believe how little I completed of this game HAHA I was so bad so I was stuck on blackhawk guy and bumblebee

  37. Siberian Taurus says:

    One of my favorite childhood game

  38. Vabner Pinherio says:

    13:13 bumblebee vs barricade

  39. Arctic FN says:


  40. Smoggy Impala993 says:

    Ps2 megatron didnt even have eyes

  41. Xlmx Veronel says:

    Who still playing this game?

  42. Blaire Lometti says:

    It’s basic lay gta but with trancfomers

  43. XxxxGMoNeY Xxxx says:

    I dont know why but when i was younger i was scared of megatrons voice and how giant he was i thought he would show up at my house i had nightmares of him😂

  44. ElZatitasGamer says:

    34:27 YEET, as the drone decepticon escapes from ironhide before he gets hit while stunned by the tree

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