Trader Sam’s Enchanted Tiki Bar & Tangaroa Terrace Dining Review | Disneyland

Join Craig, Kylie and Ryno as they try out some of the new dishes available at Tangaroa Terrace at Trader Sam’s Enchanted Tiki Bar at Disneyland Hotel alongside some of the classic items available at the tropical hideaway!

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23 Responses

  1. david henry says:

    my favs .. what's not to love. Really enjoyed Tangaroa Terrace when we stayed there in January. love that fire pit area.

  2. Aimee Freyer says:

    Seems like Kona Cafe should also use some of these recipes

  3. John Sitarski says:

    Ryno…..”would have went” bad grammar!

  4. goomeoh says:

    Go chu Jang 고추장 is a Korean chili paste. Normally made of Korean chili powder, soy bean paste, And yut oil. This oil is usually made with either corn, or barley. It gives a sweetness to the chili paste. Hope this is helpful! You know, just friend case if Kylie wants to try something like that again!

  5. Stanley Ng says:

    Gochujang sauce is Korean chili paste.

  6. Dee McGee says:

    My Craig Quote of the Day got trolled so I had to delete it 🙁

  7. Sandi Ammons says:

    SPF 30

  8. Doriwin3r says:

    I have not been to Trader Sam's yet but will check it out. But for good dumplings you need to go to Monterey park or san Gabriel has cheap dumplings and it's yummy.

  9. Worker Bee Supply says:

    Great video Craig, Ryno, and Kylie! I was a little surprised at the price of the gyoza aaaand was curious of the new menu items (I was there in May) so I checked out the menu on the Disney website and the gyoza was only listed at $10 (??) which seems much more reasonable! I wonder where the $14 charge came from? It seems like the more appetizer-size menu items are all priced at $10. I’m sorry that you got overcharged!

    But I really love the vibe at Tangaroa Terrace. When we went in May, we had dinner and a drink there after taking a rest in the afternoon and before heading back into the parks. It was lovely with the live music and torches! We had unfortunately been kicked out of Trader Sam’s the night before for not having our Canadian passports when they wouldn’t accept our driver’s licenses- always a disappointing experience! But thankfully all was redeemed the following night when we were prepared (we hadn’t yet moved into the DL Hotel, as we were spending that night at the Hilton.) But I really loved the vibe and the new menu items look delicious! Still so impressed with just how many videos you guys pumped out during your recent trip! Thank you so much for the great content!

  10. zack douglas says:

    Was that Chewbacca roat at the 5 min mark?

  11. C. Babs says:

    As always, I love the three of you as a crew; please work together forever.

    Also, Kylie's new 'do looks great!!

  12. Sorcerer Heidi says:

    Been loving all of these! Adore all of you together!!

  13. Anthony Oneto says:

    My 3 favorite people on this channel! Doesn't get any better.

  14. Meg Willsher says:

    I love when Kylie is in videos! 😀

  15. Rachel 5 says:

    My favorite trio!

  16. Matilde Bermudez says:

    Stop wiping off on your shirt..

  17. K M says:

    If you love Ryno and think he a cutie and a hunk comment below

  18. DL Fendel says:

    For those not SoCal folks, "Mary's" chicken is a brand of VERY high quality VERY organic and delicious chicken. That they are using it by brand name which only locals would know is yet another indicator of the locals-nature of Disneyland and its branches. Good stuff.

  19. K M says:

    OH BABY BUFF RYNO … more of him , keep it coming

  20. tee says:

    Craig and Ryno for dining reviews always please. Throw Kylie and Deni in the mix with them too. But all their povs are the best for dining reviews. You get the most knowledge about the food. And of course Pete, John and Kevin…but I know they're not always in them anymore.

  21. kayliiika says:

    Kylie do you always carry around an epi-pen with you? I get so nervous every time you eat out in videos, so I cant imagine how you feel all the time <3 I work at a restaurant and I always take food allergies so serious I'm glad Disney does to <3

  22. KatCalico says:

    Trader Sam’s is always on my must do list when we visit! Fell in love when my husband had a conference at the Disneyland hotel and we could just toodle our way down the elevator and enjoy a tiki drink and a bite. But fair warning: two of those drinks means you shouldn’t sit through the Mr. Lincoln presentation 😂

  23. in2thezm says:

    Trader Sam's is possibly responsible for the resurgence of Tiki culture.

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