ToyUSA DUEL $60 Mystery Boxes ! Spastic Pops $60 Glow Tiki Mystery Box

We open up a Spastic Pops Funko Pop in hopes for a Glow Tiki / Freddy Funko Grail! We also Duel two $60 damaged ToyUSA2011 Funko Pop Mystery Boxes

Check out our Mercari Seller Page for Listings currently being sold…

And / Or Checkout our Instagram Flea Market for Pops 🙂

Funko Pop Mystery Box Companies We Purchase From!
BigTexPops / Big Tex Pops –
Chalice Collectibles –
Chrono Toys –
PopKingPaul / Pop King Paul –
Spastic Pops –
Stop Pop N Roll / StopPopNRoll –
The Nerdy Newt –
Toyusa2011 / Toyusa 2011 –

Funko Pop YouTube Channels We Watch and / or Collaborate With! Check them out!
2 Peas in a Pop! –
Franchise Kicks –
Funko Pop Central –
Jedha Patrol –
Sean Ryan Toys & Games –
The Luau –
Top Pops –

Follow us on Instagram … @popsko4

We do mystery boxes for fun – only buy them if you can afford to lose money because you’re taking a chance at luck 🙂 !

Comment below or email us any requests. Want to send us something to unbox on our channel, let us know!

Direct link to our Paypal to Support the Channel 🙂 – Thank you!!

Our Mailing Information if you would like to send us anything is… 🙂

PO Box 668802
Pompano Beach, FL 33066

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16 Responses

  1. BeardofPOP! says:

    Congrats Kristin great pulls & great video!

  2. KingInTheNorth says:

    Stay up King🤴🏻

  3. Justa Brat says:

    Awesome 2 pk, nice boxes, awesome additions! Grats Kristen!

  4. DosFloresitas says:

    Liked the ToyUSA better! As always, great video!

  5. Raul H. Boria Suarez says:

    I've been looking for that Cap for a While!!!!!!
    I hate that Target Dog was Damage…

  6. THE LUAU says:

    Great video guys. Always love the duels. Sucks about the Bullseye box. But he is still awesome.

  7. The MulToyVerse says:

    Lets just say that though she might have highest in total, he got the highest priced Pop. 😝😛

  8. Nikki Sweetie says:

    Snowball looks better oob anyway ☺️ unfortunate that bullseye was busted up but at least you got him. Great guys are awesome

  9. Chris Bryant says:

    How much for the up??? Im very interested big time

  10. toby jenner says:

    Lol kicked butt

  11. K Titus says:

    Always enjoy watching your videos

  12. Berto The Newb says:

    You Two crack me up. Thanks for the great videos

  13. joseph isidro says:

    Would you guys mind trying showing your reaction when you look up prices I think it would add a lot to your videos

  14. sally Paduch says:

    Yay girlfriend!!! Good for you! You guys are fun!

  15. sally Paduch says:

    Lucy witch is on my wishlist!!!!!

  16. Fox Crown says:


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