Top 5 – Vampires in gaming

Vampires are eternal. Hundreds of years ago these folklore creatures scared the shit out of people and even now vampires are leading figures in movies and video games. So let’s hide in the shadows, cause here is our top 5 vampires in gaming!

5. Jeanette & Therese Voerman – Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines

Jeanette and Therese are sisters in Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines. Jeanette is super teasing, while club-owner Therese is more serious and businesslike. The cool twist is that they are actually the same person. It’s really hard to please both sides of this female vampire with a split personality. It sure makes for an interesting and unique vampire unlike any other.

4. Bloodrayne – Bloodrayne

A female vampire who kills people with sharp blades and carries loads of guns? Count us in! Bloodrayne is the femme fatale of gaming by being sexy and deadly at the same time. Though her appearance may be a little oversexualised, she turns out to be a pretty bad ass vampire who takes care of business. Too bad most of her games sucked… And not in a vampirey good way.

3. Vamp – Metal Gear Solid series

Vamp is a character with vampire-like attributes in the Metal Gear Solid series who’s really tough to kill. Over the course of Metal Gear Solid 2 and 4 players will witness Vamp’s supposed death seven times, usually at the hands of Raiden. He is highly skilled in hand to hand combat and looks like a total badass in most cutscenes which is just awesome.

2. Kain – Legacy of Kain series

Kain is not the only vampire with its own video game series on this list, but he is certainly one of the most scary ones. Being a protagonist and an antagonist in the Legacy of Kain series, he executes Raziel only to save his live later on. Yup, thats weird alright. Too bad it has already been 13 years since we’ve seen Kain as the main character in a video game. You know what to do, Square-Enix!

Honorable Mentions:

Kid Dracula – Kid Dracula
Valvatorez – Disgaea 4
Demitri Maximoff – Darkstalkers
Carmilla – Castlevania LoS
Jericho Cross – Darkwatch

1. Dracula – Castlevania series

When you are talking about vampires in video games, you probably think of the Castlevania series first. This franchise has been around for quite a while now and in most of the games Dracula is the main villain that needs to be defeated. Almost every encounter with him is epic, though he always seems to survive and pop up in the next game. Needless to say, Dracula is the ultimate vampire in gaming.

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49 Responses

  1. skeleton king says:

    Lagcy of Kain! Kain is absolutes a terribly terrifying !

  2. California Doll says:

    I loved Bloodrayne the game it was my favorite game actually

  3. Thomas D. Alucard says:

    Jeannette is 1

  4. Bruno Bucciarati says:

    beautiful top but you forgot a very important vampire I'm talking about DIO BRANDO, however details

  5. Jesi Oni says:

    Harkon from The Elder Scrolls V: Dawnguard

  6. JoelAdair says:

    Demetri. He's a better fighter than Dracula. Dracula just teleports around and throws fireballs. he just can't fight in close quarters, while Demetri pinches kicks and even totally thrashes his opponent.

  7. Ben Dennis says:

    Smiling Jack should have been in this, not Therese.

  8. Dante Zarath says:

    Vamp from metal gear is not a vampire….

  9. Edy Affendy says:

    How about video game Blade & Blade 2

  10. Frank Mir says:

    Bloodrayne did not suck, man the bias is heavy tier bs

  11. Alejandro Hernandez says:

    No Christoff Romuald? No Alucard? Buhh

  12. s e r u m says:


  13. s e r u m says:


  14. Rob Saillant says:

    Kain should ALWAYS be number one.

  15. Ajungem la 100.000 subs says:

    What is the name of the first game

  16. private party says:

    The first blood rayne was amazing the second one had a different playing system and yeah that one sucked but do try the first one

  17. Kara Reeder says:

    blood rayne is my favriot i played a little bit of the first game but i have not played it sence

  18. 4 P says:

    I need to nut inside a vampire

  19. Billy Arn says:

    Rayne an her sexy ass. She can bite me anytime

  20. Tan'Gina Brown says:

    The one and only Rayne :-*

  21. Gamer for Xbox one R says:

    0:19 seconds I wanna know that game plz lol if it a game

  22. The Space Person says:

    Yes it did scare the shit out of me.. now my neck twitches from this day…

  23. Nediojon says:

    Kain all the way

  24. Gerrit Rädisch says:

    how did Bloodrayne suck? Fuck you!

  25. Trelaras Leontas says:

    Its like they just right the script on google translate and just record the voice from there

  26. Random Mark says:

    Dr Reid from vampyr

  27. Фаик Тагиев says:

    I have respect for some vampires, but i still would prefer to be a werewolf.

  28. Fiete Hermans says:

    I think VTM-B should’ve been ranked higher: that’s probably the best vampire game ever; also: Serana honourable mention would’ve been welcome

  29. emanuela ema says:

    Rayne is a Dhamphir . THE thing what was make me grow . I was grow with her . I was playing with her everyday . She was My inspiration . THE Best thing what was happened To me ☺😜😙😽💓 AND. ..THE firist thing …it was the firist game I was Play … really . This game was make me a real Gamer

  30. emanuela ema says:


  31. JohnTheDarkAngel says:


  32. rarmin qorset says:

    What the fuck do you mean bloodrayne games sucked!?

  33. Alperen Çetin says:

    Nah, Regis is the best.

  34. No Name says:

    0:16 – What game is this?

  35. Lonnie Farrare says:

    Kain of course!

  36. Meme Iselfaneye says:

    I was gonna be pissed if Kain wasn't on here.

    Still criminal we never got a proper final chapter to the Legacy of Kain.

  37. ness says:

    The Master, Angel, and Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Xbox exclusive) should interest some of you. great game for it's time and truly iconic television source material. they all exist as comics now from dark horse.

  38. Fugitive69 says:

    the BloodRayne games were good and she's not a vampire she's a Dhampir a half-breed kind of like Blade

  39. Christoph Smaul says:

    i was sure, No. #1 will be Edward Cullen. From the twilight series

  40. yaro42 says:

    Kain is father of all vamires, cmon

  41. NSFW says:

    Raziel <3

  42. shane logan says:

    Bullshit Bloodrayne did not suck

  43. Axel Xirics says:

    Bram Stoker clearly made a legacy by taking inspiration from the legends surrounding Vlad the Impaler
    Guess that's the only reason to be a proud romanian, we have the best folklore in that matter >:D

  44. mr_death47 says:

    Why in most videos itz always some bullshit as top one?

  45. Boris Pardus says:

    My favorite is Christof Romuald from Vampire the mesquerade redemption

  46. Gala xy says:

    Christof Romuald is not even mentioned omg… shitty video

  47. ida katarina says:

    Her name is TheresE, not TheresA 🙁

  48. Gabriel Iordachescu says:

    Afraid not. When you say vampire game you think at kain. Even Rayne from Bloodrayne series has the moves of Kain. Kain is by far the most iconic vampire (in games)

  49. Naome Al-Saqaff says:

    Fucking hell, the very first sound of this video sounded like a moan

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