Tiki Trouble Prizes

Thanks so much for watching everyone! I will be posting a mail video soon! maybe the next monday video i dont know yet, but if you want to be in the video just jag me! GIFTS ARE NOT REQUIRED! they are appreciated tho. But if you have any questions and you jag me your question i WILL NOT SEE IT. Please either contact me on discord or talk to me in game when im online.

User: pig1123
Discord: Pig1123 #2545 (yes i have a server)
AJPW User: pig1123

Thumbnail Credit: Kitkatthe2tails

I will be make a long collar giveaway so please watch for that video to be uploaded! tysm!!

Check out:
Leah AJ= about to reach 1.1k, streams a lot. Good friend of mine!
Kitkatthe2tails= fantastic artist, super funny (mean to just me)

source: https://dinhk.net/

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12 Responses

  1. Pig1123 says:

    i mad

  2. Ami_Playz says:

    Hey Pig its meh yassss15 😉 great job on vids! Keep strong Pig

    -Ami (yassss15)

  3. Devin.Worden says:

    Holy u gain subs fast

  4. • Mia • says:

    Hey pig! Wanna play tiki trouble sometimes together?

  5. FTH Tøxy says:

    Nice video ! (Yay i saw myself xD)

  6. Happytivity AJ says:

    we love a 20 second long intro XD
    jk lol rlly tho great vid and congrats on 700 :O

  7. PapaWolf Mata says:

    Noice :3

  8. Avenues AJ says:

    When school starts and you're super busy already with homework omg

  9. Leah AJ says:

    Dang it I’m not first this time


    I came late my computer wouldn't load but I was in this video! Arcticmagneta And the 700th subscrber was my freind natekingg I told him to lol Nice video Pig1123! Oink!

  11. Meercatzz says:

    Second XD nice vid
    edit: great job on 700 subs!

  12. Pancake Wolvez97 says:

    FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also! Amazing video!!

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