Tiki Tiki Taka – Gummibär – Music Video – The Gummy Bear Song

Tiki Tiki Taka is a brand new wacky and wonderful music video from Gummibär, everyone’s favorite animated singing and dancing gummy bear character.

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43 Responses

  1. Lilia Souza says:


  2. Lilia Souza says:


  3. SAM Overkleeft says:

    ) j/w de. CdH d. V. E. E. HcH/dv(.

  4. SAM Overkleeft says:


  5. Maria Santos says:

    gostei muito

  6. Bendy Cool says:

    Tiki Tiki Taka your video are awesome gummy bear

  7. Bendy Cool says:

    Is this Hindi or English

  8. SAM Overkleeft says:


  9. SAM Overkleeft says:

    WWF w 2 662255

  10. Játék Csak says:

    daddy says 0:46

  11. SAM Overkleeft says:


  12. lolmanxd444 object thinhy teh444thspartan says:


  13. Mokey says:

    woooooooo gummibärrr :v ^_^ $_$

  14. Meanie Head says:

    What language is he speaking

  15. GuineaLover4288 Plays says:

    This is how many people saw the original 2007 vid in their childhood. Keep up with the great vids gummi!

  16. Catalina & Max Cisternas Jofre says:

    What the frick?!

  17. TheSikerad says:

    Animation changed in those 11 years…..

  18. Paulinhaxac says:


  19. sosip sosoguzi says:

    Just get to 10 mil and be gone

  20. Gamer gav AUTTP Gav says:

    Nice video👍

  21. 311 Jazzy 🌸🎀💖 says:

    I want this in English

  22. GTTH TV says:

    Sao có tiếng việt mục giới thiệu vậy

  23. yh CRAFT says:


  24. Team 87 [ORIGINAL] says:

    I sense a new album coming soon!
    I hope to be the first to hear it on Amazon Music!!

  25. Antonia H. says:

    Version Português Brazil?

  26. depósito de aleatoriedades da 777's says:

    Weki Meki liked this video

  27. Karen KARENA says:

    Is this taki taki

  28. Nathy Matalatala says:

    Do Estonian plz pkz plz

  29. Roblox 123 says:


  30. BELLYFANT says:


  31. New ThePi Spartan555VideoEditor/ TPSEditor says:

    Good job! But, what is this language?

  32. Berkay Niziplioglu says:


  33. local retard buddy says:

    why is this still a thing

  34. Luana Pitz says:

    Brasil??Mais alguém??
    Aiai Y LOVE YOU
    Ksksks acho que e assim que escreve ne Ksks

  35. Alkinboy Mroue says:

    I wanna see this in French or Arabic one day

  36. SH - 06SC - Greenbriar Sr PS (1423) says:

    Please make more songs

  37. Bust Nutyear says:

    Hey man I used to watch your gummy bear song in 1st grade, good to see your still doing YouTube

  38. Michael The Reader! says:

    Like for tiki tiki taka comment for digi digi quack quack!(ᵔᴥᵔ)

  39. Nash Wadkins says:

    Try and doo an bite me Music video🇬🇭

  40. uwupimp says:

    wait they still make musix

  41. Kevin toy gaming music and krazygummy review says:

    Can you make it English Tiki Tiki Taka gummy bear song

  42. Catalina & Max Cisternas Jofre says:

    What the frick?!

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