Tiki Taca On ZX Spectrum (Atic Atac 3D Remake 2019)

A quick and very poor game play of the 2019 Homebrew TIKI TACA a re imagined 3D version of ATIC ATAC.

source: https://dinhk.net/

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  1. star dog says:

    Not bad, spectrum games seem much better than Atari, shame about that spectrum plug and play that came out most the built in games was shit, all the top titles I had to load myself the buttons was fidjity so I sold it. They need to release a propper spectrum plug and play.

  2. ObsoletePowerCorrupts says:

    Gotta love the speccy for things like this. Cool video, with good enthusiam. Coming from head-over-heels on amiga and c64 (at a mates house of course), I'd have loved to have seen this at my other mate's on his speccy, back in the day.

  3. LFC Gamer says:

    The only Tiki Taca (well tiki taka) I'm familiar with is Barcelona's style of football… when they're not diving of course lol. But in all honestly this homebrew actually looks quite charming, and remains some of the charm that the original game had/has.

  4. Trusteft says:

    Back in the 80s if you used the words tiki taka, it usually meant you were saying someone was gay, and not in a polite way.
    I guess the "Term" is still in use, but I rarely hear it. Perhaps like 10 years ago was the last time.

  5. Mamemeister says:

    What an utterly charming game, think I prefer the original 2d version as I'm completely cack handed at these 3d efforts but I love this.

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