Tiki Stitch and Zero Pocket Pop!s with Surprise Pop Reveal!

Hey guys!

Sorry I have been missing but just have not bought a lot of new stuff recently but wanted to share a few things that I have recently added to my collection.

Recently I picked up the Tiki Stitch Scented Pocket Pop! from Hot Topic and have to say that I am a bit disappointed again with the fact that this Pop! does not smell or if it does, you cannot smell it through the packaging. But glad to add him beside the regular Tiki Stitch Pop! that was released a while ago at Hot Topic. He retails for $7.90 and I will link it below in case it is something you want to add to your collection.

Next piece I was excited to grab is the Hot Topic Diamond Zero Pocket Pop! and he retails for $7.90 as well and will link him below as well. I absolutely love all of the newest Nightmare Before Christmas Funko items that have been released! But it truly is hurting my wallet!!!!

And finally, I wanted to share with you guys the Conan as Woody Funko Pop! that was part of a giveaway during San Diego Comic Con and was lucky enough to win him!! And of all of the ones they were giving away, I got the only Disney one that was part of that!!!!!!

Thanks as always for watching guys!

Hope to see you real soon!

Have a magical day!!!!

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