TIKI INVASION! – Donkey Kong Country Returns [100%] | Part 1

What’s up everyone! Welcome to my Let’s Play of Donkey Kong Country Returns! In this Let’s Play I will be showing off all the KONG letters and puzzel pieces in every level! So yeah uh…. basically a 100% completion Let’s Play! (With maybe the exception of Time Trials). The Tiki’s stole all of the bananas and we have to get them back, time for Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong to kick some Tiki butt! I hope you will enjoy me playing through one of my favourite platformers ever!

Jungle Hijinx – 05:36
King of Cling – 13:20
Tree Top Bop – 21:49

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  1. Ninetales Commander says:

    I love this game! Though I must admit I actually do also own the sequel and yeah..it's on that list.

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