Tiki Barber beefed so much with the Giants that everyone forgot how great he was

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Tiki Barber ran the ball. The Giants liked that! Tiki Barber ran his mouth. The Giants didn’t like that. While he statistically is the greatest running back in franchise history, the New York Giants and Tiki Barber became two ships passing in the night – but like if one of those ships would occasionally talk trash about the other ship.

Without him, the Giants found the success that had eluded them while Barber was on the roster. And without them, Barber found ways to stay busy. He bashed Eli. He bashed Coughlin. And he made it so no one missed the running back who had retired in his prime.

Written and researched by Will Buikema
Directed and edited by Jiazhan Zhang


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48 Responses

  1. jon snipe says:

    I love when he retired cuz we won SB next year

  2. Matt says:

    Lol i remember the ball holding thing. Made his career imo.

  3. Nathaniel Levesque says:

    I know there will be quite a few Giants fans who are rooting for Saquon to break Tiki's records.

  4. FAITHandLOGIC says:

    Thanks to Kerry Collins? Nah. Thanks to a terrible game plan by Fassel and the coaching staff against the best defense in history. They should have given the ball to Tiki more.

  5. Allen says:

    Looking at old NFL contracts is honestly more sad than old gas prices. This man was so happy he got 6yr 25mil. Meanwhile scrubs are doing 2year deals worth that

  6. Andrew Burton says:

    "Vicious takedown" of Brett Favre

  7. FpP Retro718 says:

    Saquan Barkley is the best in franchise history?

  8. Justin Wilkens says:

    Congratulations? Tiki?

  9. Chris Wills says:

    I remember reading this dudes auto- biography at maybe 12 years old( that I only bought because it was a dollar) and thinking this has to the most arrogant man to ever write a book worth just 99 cents

  10. Sebastian Nicholas says:

    Side fact: he has a twin brother who played CB for Tampa Bay.

  11. Tj Bost says:

    2:19 "With this viscous take down of Brett Favre."
    Shows Brett Favre falling and Strahan tapping him on the ground 🙄 love the facts and info. Hate the narrator.

  12. J M says:

    Tiki was too much of a weakling for Coughlin’s tough practices

  13. MX -4-LIFE says:

    Tiki abandoned his his 8 MONTHS PREGNANT wife OF 11 YEARS.?!?

    Must be somehow related to TIGER FREAKING WOODS!


  14. Stiz anley says:

    Great video

  15. Dallas Mems says:

    Tiki sound like an Uncle Tom

  16. Rice Waster Aleks says:

    Tiki Barber was one of my favorite players in NFL Street 2

  17. raymond thai says:

    Should do one on the late 2010 49ers

  18. OrentholJames says:

    And everyone forgets that Tiki Barber would fumble every time he would touch the ball. He only had 2 good seasons as a Giant.

  19. C BAXTER says:


    You saw in the 2019 NFC Championship game who caused the Giants Super Bowl XXXV

    Sean Payton is through when Drew Brees retires.

  20. Terry Mchelmenfelter says:

    Lol tiki takes credit for turning the giants around. Strahan was responsible for changing Coughlin's attitude.

  21. MrYouarethecancer says:

    Man's the whitest negro I ever seen. Smh.

  22. The Irishpanic says:

    You have to have a massive ego to be a professional athlete but sometimes your ego can get the best of you

  23. Gary Babcock says:

    Hahahahaha Eli is a superstar. Good joke.

  24. IRON60 BITCH says:

    I’ve had experience dealing with the number of professional athletes a couple of professional football players a bunch of professional hockey players and one or two baseball players and by far the ones who are injured the most and who have the most after career problems or football players. If you can get out of a professional sports situation with your health and financially sound that is an incredibly successful way to go forward after your professional career is over

  25. MotorcycleMan says:

    So, he’s almost the same as Antonio Brown!

  26. Cappy 22 says:

    Barber was a douche

  27. Gurule Brothers says:

    Do Puig and Bumgarner beef

  28. Lamont L. Belton says:

    You can pretty much rinse and repeat this for Jeremy Shockey.

  29. Mark M says:

    wow what a pos

  30. Israel Castillo says:

    Vicious takedown???

  31. Big Fella says:

    What a clown, great running back but I never knew he was this much of a joke.

  32. Michael Kish says:

    Tiki was not all that great prior to Caughlin. He had 3 thousand yard seasons but he put the ball on the ground a lot and lacked a nose for the endzone his entire career. He also always lacked breakaway speed. I can't count how many times Barber would burst through a hole, make a backer miss just to get chased down and tackled from behind time and again. He had zero top end speed.

    He also had an attitude like he was Barry Sanders. And he resented Caughlin who was sick of his horrid mechanics and inability to protect the football. He owed everything to Caughlin for making him a good back. He didnt deserve love. Selfish people who point fingers never do.

    There's a reason when a malcontent was eliminated from the team they went on to win 2 Super Bowls. Proof that Barber had held the team back.

  33. Kansas Sam Brokeback says:

    In the years prior, no one thought, "gee, we should show Tiki how to carry a football"? Whoever his coach was should have been fired.

  34. Luca Del Caro says:

    Senna vs Prost

  35. Lamar Gary says:

    Everyone is on Tiki for leaving his wife, but we don't know the situation. As long as he takes care of his child, I have no problems in certain situations. We don't know what their life together was like, not to mention the stresses that being married to an athlete when you are not an athlete brings to said athlete when they want you to be "normal" and you clearly are not. So as far as that goes, people make mistakes *edit – I don't mean it's cool to leave your wife. I am just saying when things build up and break you down, these things do tend to happen and for most men who want to be faithful and end up not being that it is not just "his fault" and we should try and be more understanding before we are quick to judge*. As far as the football goes however, (or any major sport) I also stopped trying to become a professional athlete when I realized that I could not deal with the politics involved with sports. I am happy and though I don't have pro money and I don't have any interns around me, my life is pretty good. If you can't deal with the politics, get your degree and choose another profession.

  36. Chase McBrien says:

    Tiki was a trouble maker. Glad Giants got a Superbowl after he left thinking that the Giants couldn't win without him. Tiki is a joke.

  37. Charlie Martinez says:

    Hey tiki…ask ur bro how his ring feels?

    Then again, the NFL ring we got against philly, u can wear that

    Why so serious!? 🤡😎

  38. espltd1000 says:

    Barkley all the way.

  39. Jose Perez says:

    Odell before Odell sheesh

  40. Colin Cleary says:

    Antonio Brown in a couple years

  41. Dev Rawlz says:

    Lost respect when I saw Tiki Barber in high heels 👠

  42. David T says:

    Lol “Poughkeepsie journal” shout out to PK!

  43. staying out of trouble says:

    Beef history
    Reggie Miller vs Spike Lee

  44. Keith says:

    "Finding success or shame…" hmm… But he performed at an exceptional, non-fancy, enough way to be able to speak on behalf of the team and that was enough to be credible. Political indeed.

  45. jay lee says:

    Tikki sick…a lesson of what happens when you're full of yourself

  46. Empowered CRB says:

    Eli still a buster

  47. Gerard Barber says:

    No lie tiki is familyl.the barbers as a whole are great football players but terrible ppl.my uncle kurt barber plaued fornthe jets he also beat his wife..y dad Gerard barber was picked up by the dolphins in then90s but was kicke xoff the team for beating my mok

  48. MilkMonster says:

    Should have rooted for Ronde instead lol.

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