The Redskins Are Directionless | Tiki + Tierney

Tiki and Tierney give their take on the Washington Redskins’ disastrous loss to the Chicago Bears on Monday night during Week 3.


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5 Responses

  1. david julseth says:

    that was some real shit.

  2. Bear Wrestling News says:

    I put the phone in my pocket and closed my eyes all I see is white

  3. Bear Wrestling News says:

    Tiki sounds so white if I wasn’t looking at this I would’ve thought he

  4. James Meredith III says:

    HEY Tiki & Tierney. You GUYS aren't KEEPING it REAL with The KID. You're NOT tell it like it is. You FELLAS both know it starts with The TOP. It's Dan Snyder FAULT for The Redskins looking SORRY day in and day out. And then it's Bruce Allen. He's there BECAUSE of HIS Father. And NOT Bruce nor George WON a SUPER BOWL TITLE. And last but not least. Coach Jay "DON'T KNOW WHAT THE HELL HE'S DOING" Gruden. The Washington Redskins has too many Yes MEN working for The Owner Daniel Snyder. What this organization NEEDS is a SERIOUS ASSHOLE to tell Danny Boy NO to his FACE. NOT KISSING Dan Snyder ASS.

  5. Ldzee JLS says:

    The Cowboys had just as bad of the last 25 years as Washington numbers wise. But they on TV every 5 minutes. Different owners….

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