The One and Only WD40 Trick Everyone Should Know and 25 Other Uses

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36 Responses

  1. curt weisflog says:

    most of these tricks are bad…like the shoes ….. get out dirt with a oil… and 10 times the dirt will collect quickly …glasses spray wd 40 on the glass to get them apart . and now you need to wash the glass or drink oil ..exc….passs

  2. Renate Bohm says:

    Wood fire easier with that on it

  3. Renate Bohm says:

    Ok nice and good but some things it may work well but it can be fire hassert with it also.

  4. alberto ferrara says:

    Wait… what about the toilet???

  5. Helene Nielsen says:

    I’m guessing the toilet one is for that shit that sticks to the sides it will then just slide down & just flush away lol but that’s why I clicked on the video too..

  6. Sandra Reider says:

    Ummm…wd-40 on food dishes? Can you say "toxic?"

    Yeah, I stopped right there.

  7. John Sanabria says:

    Never put dw40 in toilet and never put wd40 on anything where food goes doesn't matter if you wash it it won't come off and never put wd40 on car window not even with ice very dangerous and never put on bird feeders and never put on shower head and put on cracked screen? who the hell came with these ideas

  8. lucille figueroa says:

    This video is brought to you and sponsored by….. WD-40

  9. Wayne Snow says:

    You forgot removing the sticking rug rubber backing on the bathroom floor

  10. William Arnn says:

    A good way to take the gloss off

  11. Gordon Darker says:

    Great for the environment as well

  12. XRP JR says:

    Sorry but this guy's voice is hard to listen to ☺️👻😎

  13. Krystal Watrous says:

    I use it for my sore cracking throat. Sing like an opera singer like that. (Do not take this comment seriously, tide pod eaters)

  14. Mark Hoffman says:

    Hello, what about the toilet you pictured????????

  15. Video Pirate says:

    Who knew. All this time I was watching the I.D. channel on tips to kill All my family and friends, I could just use WD-40👌🏾. I'm babysitting tomorrow. Alexa add Legos and WD-40 to the shopping cart . Thanks F.V.🗡😵⚰👌🏾

  16. Sergio Reyes says:

    Fuck u facts verse!!!! U didn't even bother to prove any of this bullshit….and where the hell is the toilet scene!!!!!

  17. Anonymous says:

    Didn't get me too much I fast forwarded to see the toilet wasn't there

  18. Marilyn June says:

  19. Raleigh Veal says:

    Was this video made by fake news CNN?

  20. Stud-Motions says:

    6:00 wd40 isnt a lubricant, thats what flex seal is for

  21. Stud-Motions says:

    4:04 that'll ruin the paint

  22. Dave Bethel says:

    You're a phony.

  23. jollyandwaylo says:

    asshole. He used the toilet as clickbait. Thumbs down. Should be removed. asshole.

  24. Ismael penalver says:

    They didn't show it in action on anything , to prove that it works .

  25. Steve Goetsch says:

    Spray WD on minnows and worms for fishing, it is an excellent fish attraction

  26. jhon chapter 3 verse 16holybible says:

    It also kills wasp and hornet's

  27. Vanita M Velayudhan says:

    how abt bird poop on yr shoe

  28. seds world says:

    Facts Verse – You suck! What waste of video and my time.

  29. RC Addix Inc says:

    I wasn't sure at first if this was a joke or something. There is something better for every single 1 of these "hacks" why would you ever use wd 40 on any of these items. Omgwtfstoopud

  30. Trevor Cameron says:

    asshole channel clickbait

  31. karina says:

    There are 100's of users for WD40

  32. mike MaCullough says:

    Ummmmm…wouldn't it leave a greasy residue on everything? I'm thinking my frozen windshield.

  33. tom8181 says:

    klikbait lop

  34. the wizzard says:

    do not watch this ad their is no toilet trick!

  35. Jason Gentry says:

    If you spray this shit on something you eat with or drink from you deserve to fucking sick😐😑

  36. Anita Ares says:

    Boycott Facts Verse. Click bait is bullshit.

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