The Most BROKEN SUPPORT of 7.22 TO RANK UP FAST and Carry | Dota 2 Keeper of the Light Guide

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In this Dota 2 ranked guide, pro coach Speeed covers gameplay of the most powerful support of the 7.22h meta, Keeper of the Light! Use these best tips and tricks to CARRY your games from the support role and rank up fast!

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24 Responses

  1. GameLeap Dota 2 Pro Guides says:

    In this guide, Speeed covers all you need to know to DESTROY in the current patch as Keeper of the Light, the current king of supports!

    Join NOW! – Learn from the Pros and gain +1000 MMR. Check us out at a 25% discount!

  2. Dead_MAX says:


  3. moneyisdangerous says:

    all these clips look below 2k mmr. team 15k behind go in for a huge team fight like that?

  4. Mathias CZR01 says:

    An interesting way to play Kotl, I may try it out. I go Illuminate early on with Chakra Magic to harass heroes, and try to ambush from the sides without pushing or stealing the lane.

  5. jesus christ says:

    speeed, u didn't mention the mana leak thing?

  6. Daniel Raška says:

    I saw, how GH made 4stack with kotol, u can watch it at: at 13:53.

  7. aljun ma says:

    7:52 jenkins is in this game. xDD

  8. phatrix123 says:

    I have almost 2k games playing ezalor.

  9. Mikey mike says:

    You maxed your E first but you didn't use mana leak once. Mana leak is really good, Was alot of situations where a well placed mana leak would of been better then giving yourself mana.

  10. Wan Asyqal says:

    Yeah, my team just plain idiot. They always go farming or push where we didnt ward. Then scream the F no wards! 🤣😂 . Every single pubs!

  11. Jayvee Villa says:

  12. Jayvee Villa says:

    Watch my KOTL plays at my channel. NooBest Adventures

  13. -penoy says:

    "Borowken." – Speeeed 2019

  14. jem Feliciano says:

    Jenkins hmmm 🤔 is that dota alchemy 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  15. hellatze says:

    Strongest disvaler for ganker.

  16. Hriatkima says:

    Wait till you play with a noob carry in 2k mmr…

  17. Harson- says:

    I played KOTL for 2 times (first and second time btw)
    and i won both thanks to your video Speed
    luv u

  18. Christopher Wiraatmaja says:

    Is there a scenario where i dont want to push lane? sometime my carry need the lane to be pushed so they can farm safer.

  19. Hernan Casipit says:

    KOTL is actually my fave hero supp for now. Thanks Speeed for this video 👌

  20. Thomas Y says:

    Anyone else see that Luna ultimate that hit the siege creep five times lol

  21. C.Nightmare Franz says:

    lvl 25 talents are Illuminate damage & mana leak stuns for 3 seconds

  22. Angel Leo Zuniga says:

    that triple stack was the gh replay last video hahaha

  23. the way says:

    KOTL , Giff Me Manaaaa

  24. Ex0rz says:

    "Put down ytour wards!" You should come and tell that to the lower rank people rofl… People buy the first 2 wards (and sometimes not even both of those) and then you are @ mid asking for wards for like 10-15minutes. What happens next? Hard support buys wards, drops them at base and pings at them "plant them". Or 2nd scenario: Support comes and plants a ward at mid lane at the spot near your t1…………….. "Yes dude I need vision of my t1 tower."

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