The Best Wallpaper Apps for iPhone 2019!

Shifting it over to iOS for this video! Taking a look at 5 wallpaper apps that’ll help you freshen up your homescreen! I’ve used these all myself and I highly recommend them! Links below!

Clarity –
Vellum –
Atlas –
Frame –
Unsplash –

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35 Responses

  1. Ish says:

    you really are a customization freak

  2. Jefferson Leite says:

    have in playstore?

  3. Necati Bingöl says:

    Thanks bro

  4. Burning Rose says:

    I like clarity but the problem is, that I don’t wanna buy the magazine, so I have to screenshot it, crop it, and then I can use it as my home/lock screen that’s rlly frustrating

  5. Phantom says:

    0:13 your wallpaper??

  6. 12trakmind says:

    GUYS you can also use Pinterest for some good ones just search iphone wallpapers! I've found some great ones on there and its where I get all my wlpprs.

  7. Bilal Grewal says:

    They’re all subscription wallpapers. I don’t want to pay more. I already paid 1100$ for this phone :/

  8. Arman Ghaznavi says:

    Subscription service = hell noooooooo
    Please stop fucking subscriptions. As long as you buy these fucking subscription service they continue to rip out arses and let us bleeding by high price subscription prices.

  9. Vvmopz says:

    Thanks for the vid, just tried clarity & almost every wallpaper is a “pro” feature. Makes me want to never purchase on principle, gotta be kidding me..

  10. Meganne Rouzetta says:

    iPhones are really good. 😁

  11. Dark-collision says:

    Name of the blue? 0:19

  12. Matthew Cumberland says:

    Thx dude 😉

  13. Penny Wise says:


  14. ///AMG says:

    Still waiting for the day a iPhone can have real moving wallpaper smh idk what’s the point of pushing your screen to see it move cheesy

  15. Sandy Sing says:

    3D Wallpaper Iphone

  16. reed exe says:

    Thanks I’ve started using atlas it’s really good.

  17. Dane Hart says:

    Im using ZEDGE app for my iphone

  18. Nock says:

    The best wallpaper app for ios is: 1:, 2: Wallcraft, 3: Vellum, 4:Wallpapers, 5: Walli, 6: Everpix, 7: HDPix 8: Vibe, Thank me later.

  19. Jonathon Rozzeu says:

    What is the blue wallpaper u have in the beginning of the video

  20. DankzIsh says:

    Android: 101 ways to customise your Android smartphone from wallpaper to icon to menu customisation.

    Apple: Change your wallpaper.

  21. Lesly Joy Villarante says:

    Are the wallpapers free?

  22. says:

  23. ashur says:

    All this and you don't have a fucking home screen so your wallpaper can be seen not be hide by apps I never liked apple and will never do it just sucks never seen something cool in it only the apple watch is great and the airpods are fine the phone sucks 🤷🏻‍♂️ you can't even put a wallpaper on that shit bcuz of the apps you call this a good phone lol people are stupid paying this type of money for piece of shit 😂😂

  24. Mo G says:

    Zedge works fine

  25. Ayah Sharul says:

    Clarity need to pay

  26. Skellin x_O says:

    What´s the Name oft the Wallpaper @ 5:05?

  27. Mike Arima says:

    man this phone is so tempting to buy

  28. Cody Cooper says:

    What about the app Zedge for iPhone

  29. Kassem Al-hadad says:

    Nice ohne bro

  30. One B says:

    Your voice is on another level 🔥 keep up brother hit million soon

  31. Sinan Mustafov says:

    Link for the wallpapers at 0:09 and 0:15 ? Or at least tell which apps are they downloaded from?

  32. Sky_stider223 says:

    I have an iPhone 7
    And I’ve been looking for new dynamic wallpapers for my lock screen
    And none of them move like the dynamic wallpapers that are in the iPhone already so does anyone know where I can get more wallpapers that move like that?

  33. That one Kid 0840 says:

    Thank you

  34. Russell Jennings says:

    Better walls on Twitter. iOS has crappy wallpaper apps.

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