The Best Budget 60% RGB Keyboard just got better! – RK71 Review

The RK71 is a successor to the RK61 which was already an awesome 60% Wireless RGB Keyboard!
►Castle 360EX:
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►RK71 (RGB):
►RK71 (White LED):
RK 71 Firmware and Software:
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32 Responses

  1. TechSource says:

    Thanks for watching guys! If the keyboard is sold out, please check back end of Sept for Generation 2 boards that are shipping out with PBT keycaps!
    ►RK61 Review:

  2. Mark Kelly says:

    best keyboards

  3. Bonesbasher1418 says:

    i think i wold like the rk 61 but hey ill always try to enter the giveaway for the 71 i think its there good keyboards and would be a wonderful upgrade from my current keyboard that is not even a gaming key board

  4. Kuroneki Kun says:

    i like the white one but that black one is cool

  5. MatiProYaa says:

    I love it

  6. Falitz says:

    There’s a 60% keyboard on amazon and theres red,blue,brown,and black cherry Mx switches for it.The keyboard cost 45$ and it’s RGB also it’s Bluetooth

  7. dylan says:

    im defo asking for this for christmas

  8. Paulo Victor says:

    I still prefer the rk61. It looks prettier

  9. Anthony Moreno says:

    I’m going to build my first pc and I’m on a budget and trying to get the best parts for the money I have possible and this keyboard would help thanks

  10. Mjolnir VIII says:

    Can the red strip on the sides be removed?

  11. FunKyDoG1234 says:

    pretty please!

  12. Control Freak says:

    I’ve been checking amazon for some time now and it’s been out of stock for some time and it’s really annoying

  13. MAXSTERDOG says:

    The keyboard looks sick

  14. Luna ˇ says:

    looks like a very nice budget keyboard!

  15. QcDaark says:

    can we have a link to download the driver ?

  16. xDEx Rage says:

    really nice keyboard

  17. Cindy Ross says:

    I totally want to buy one now

  18. dr3p 1ham says:

    does it come with key caps

  19. Insanity Prevails says:

    3:45 SSDF

  20. Insanity Prevails says:

    I really want to wait for the white one and maybe get one for myself 😀

  21. Alexpowell says:

    rk71 is the new meta

  22. Nik Spoons says:

    Great videos dude

  23. kristians Šmuškovs says:

    best keyboard ever'

  24. love trash says:

    Tech source has macros for fingers I swear

  25. Jonathan Martinez says:

    i like the keyboard and it'd be cool if i won because i just got my first pc and would really save me a few dollars instead of having to buy one 🙂

  26. Kaizer says:

    I think it’s a decent keyboard. I’ll definitely do a review on it sometimes!

  27. Tyler Stefaniuk says:

    The more I see these small keyboards the more I want one.

  28. Elias Backman says:

    hey, my ctrl button on my anne pro 2 is not responsive. any tips?

  29. phantom88 says:

    its in stock now lol

  30. Josh Persaud says:

    hope i win, wanna give it away to a friend <3

  31. TerroristTom says:


  32. Anirudh Vivekanandan says:

    Waiting for the red switches and pbt. Thanks. Was going to buy rk61 but you've changed my mind

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