SSL 384 ~ Tiki Dancing..!

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30 Responses

  1. Michel Dawes says:

    Loved the ads for San Andres and Providencia! Makes me want to travel there and explore all of the local attractions! Well done Guys, another wonderful episode!

  2. Michel Dawes says:

    (@9:00) What about a beer or two??? 😉

  3. Michel Dawes says:

    (@6:30) The bird on the right is a Welcome Swallow (Insert obligatory innuendo here…) and I can’t see the one on the left well enough to guess. Quick tip; You’re exactly right in saying they’re probably very tired. If you can (In the least frightening way possible for the bird) try to give any bird that lands on your boat, a supply of water (In a dish) and possibly a tiny chunk of bread soaked in honey, (Or some of the type of food you provide for Tiki), you will help them live to fight another day. The honey is an ultra fast way to build up their energy reserves and they will more than likely swoop on it! If they are reluctant to drink the water, the last resort is get a trigger bottle (Spray set on mist!) and hold the bottle upwind of them, (As close as you dare without scaring them back into flight!) and spray them waits fresh water. They will at first shake and fluff up their plumage, but hopefully enough water will land on their beaks to make them realise that is drinkable….

  4. Michel Dawes says:

    …And again (@5:20) Even cuter! 😉

  5. Michel Dawes says:

    (@4:22) Ha ha the crew ‘Gettin’ the groove on!’ (So cute!) 😉

  6. Mike McGee says:

    Steel rim glasses look heaps better.

  7. JeffFrmJoisey says:

    Happy Birthday!! Enjoy the trip with your Dad!! Good Luck on the New Job!! What an amazing way to relax before starting a career!! I wish I could just pack up and go live on one of these beautiful islands!!!! They look so amazing!!!

  8. Bill Van Den Ouden says:

    Rick enjoy your son's time flies peace Vegas bill

  9. dust man says:

    Just awesome.

  10. RebelMusik Worldwide says:

    the youtube plaque represents hard work, and years of learning.. your amazing rick.. so good to see father son time.. my boy is 16 and he is starting to get into your videos and sailing.. ole Tiki got some moves. do the boys dive?

  11. Bill Donaldson says:

    Brenden, Glad to see you back on-board and Justin, nice to see you down visiting Dad as well. Hope you guys have a great month. Dad is definitely excited to have you both. It can be heard in the tone of his voice. Happy sailing and Happy belated birthday. 🎂👍😊

  12. Frank Larson says:

    Awesome from beginning to end. Glad to see that all is going so well.

  13. Teresa Breton says:

    Great video. Hi Brendan and Justin!!! Have a great time with your Dad!!!!

  14. marty jouett says:

    Tiki definitely has some moves when dancing! Very nice video Rick! Enjoy your boys and we’ll see ya whenever you get back to us.

  15. Jeff Scherer says:

    Thank you

  16. David C says:

    Great video Rick! Good to see your sons aboard… they looked "thrilled" wait till they find out what the common folk pay for an awesome month in the Caribbean and they might get a bit more excited :p Fantastic promotional video on San Andreas! That previous video at that location was only amplified by the work you did in that last 4-5 minute clip. Loved Tiki dancing with the gals at the helm. Awesome job! Fair winds and have a great visit with your family! … oh yeah the location was either Portobello or Colon – both have such rich history especially with regards to pirates!

  17. Chas Ket says:

    Well looks like Brandon is actually grown a couple inches and happy birthday dude and you're haircut looks good.

    And on a footnote I don't know I just want to share the start with you it may not be a good idea to let wild birds hang too close to Tiki because they do carry avian flu and viruses that are highly contagious, just food for thought.

  18. Montreal StreetCars says:

    That looked like Sylfia in the harbor at the beginning of this video.

  19. 502You says:

    Nicely done thanks! thumbed

  20. Earl Ashton says:

    Your little stow aways are swallows Rick.

  21. Ben Thiry says:

    Thank you for your work it is beautiful. Cheers from MTL, QC

  22. john mccormick says:

    Great video,awesome photography and beautiful Valentina..what can i say 😉

  23. Sailing Channel Marinus says:

    The family on one wave.

  24. Jeff Erdmann says:

    Hey Rick,
    What that Sofia from Drenched at the beginning 0:18?

  25. donnyboy says:

    Say Rick, where can I find that main theme music heard through out this update. I could not find the name of the band . I am so glad you have your precious sons together with you. Mine are in the Canadian Armed Forces and serve separately, so I know this is a very special time for you. One person one life is still hard to shake, even while trying and testing one day at a time .! Ok shut up donnyboy.! Big Thumbs Up to all the crew, if only for a month or a moment.! Highest regards with thanks to each of you. Thank you Rick.!

  26. Rob Dekker says:

    Happy BD Brandon, its my BD as well.

  27. Emil Joseph says:

    Can anyone tell me the music?

  28. Jim Nickles says:

    Brendan's Back! All Right! And a Robotics Specialist! Rick, you can get all those ruined drones Overhauled, lol! Justin looks Capable.. Fair Winds, guys!

  29. craig me says:

    Nice crew their Capt! Good to have the boys on-board too, shame they didn't look as happy about it. Pfffft, kids… Production quality and drone work sets the standard.

    Enjoy foccusing on the kids man, us annoying lot can wait…

  30. daverjax says:

    I may be Blind, and half Senile, even I know it's Purto Bello. hell on Pirates! Live The Life I've Plunderd it enough. The Vid needed MORE Waahinee's in Bikini's. and that's an Imperative with those two lads, gota find em some Randy Bahinee's who want to get OUT of those Bikini's   Wow, Remember back when you had the All Girl Crew? Yikes, as Karen Carpenter sang Loooong Agooooo, and Oh Sooo Far Awaaaaayyyy." F.W.F.S.

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