SPINTIRES 2014 – The Hill Map – Kraz Utility Truck Removing the 6th Cloacking

– I received a free copy of this game from IMGN.PRO

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About Spin Tires

The only realistic heavy off-road driving simulator
Interesting cars unavailable elsewhere

This is the ultimate heavy off-road simulation – fasten the seatbelt and drive your rig through the forests, rivers and axle-deep mud! A host of unique vehicles based on Soviet off-road classics offers an unique experience and the challenging transport missions boost the replayability.

– CPU: Intel Core i7 CPU 930 @ 2,8 GHz
– Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 480
– RAM: 4096 MB RAM
– Controller: Logitech Driving Force GT

Nguồn: https://dinhk.net/

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33 Responses

  1. THE BOSS says:


  2. Вася Васичкин says:

    КрАЗ – это сила !

  3. BeXoR says:

    Bro what your pc equipment

  4. Alin Ray says:


  5. Anish Raj Anish Raj says:

    यह गेम कहां से डाउनलोड कर के खेलेगे

  6. Universal power for well being says:

    This is so fucking real

  7. Mshindi Kaluta says:

    We need to see inside the car what is going on

  8. Rajat Kumar says:

    Name of the game??

  9. Umesh Sutar says:

    Very nice game, sir pls update this android varjan 🙏🙏🙏

  10. HADDAD Mohammed says:

    How can I download it with apk version

  11. ш н says:

    А эта игра просто

  12. Dipankar Roy says:


  13. Arbab Janat says:

    Bahi hum ya game apny android mobile mn kysy khalyn

  14. Gummi Baum says:

    The turbo sound is beautiful!
    So bad that the kraz actually dont like turbo

  15. Romi Lənkəran says:

    Bunu bilən var harda yukləmək olur

  16. AMRAN Qasm says:

    اريد لعبة رجأن

  17. AMRAN Qasm says:

    لعبا ماكو

  18. Витя Ммм says:

    Только вот вопрос! Почему 255 свистит ? Это же ЯМЗ 238 , а не 260й и не супер КрАЗ с турбиной

  19. Витя Ммм says:

    С КрАЗ а начал.лайк

  20. Юрик Пушкин says:

    Компьюторная сьемка, подделка, этот лаптежник сядет на ровном месте! 16 в геологии и 9 лет Урал 4320!!

  21. Роман Горожанкин says:

    Хуета какая-то графическая.

  22. رانيا الدليمي says:

    اشكتبت ونزلتهه

  23. ٲبن سوريه ٲبن سوريه says:

    اريد العبه كيف بدي نزلها

  24. Hernan dario Botero says:

    Quiero este juego como lo consigo

  25. LINU LINU says:

    plz download link

  26. Vipin Verma says:

    Ya game ka link day do

  27. Babe Barbarich says:

    Your in a big fukn truck and you drive around the mud wtf😂😂

  28. According To Honda says:

    drift those hair pin turns man!!!

  29. Vikram Basale says:

    Wtf, this is freaking realistic….super great job done

  30. Sidra Sherwani says:


  31. great good says:


  32. чечен версия says:

    Как найти такую игру

  33. Mhamed 3aoud says:

    ليش اسم العبه ممكن حدا يرد

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