SPINTIRES 2014 – The Hill Map – C 6522 Truck + Trailer Unlocking the Second Garage

– I received a free copy of this game from IMGN.PRO

For more info about this game visit the official website:

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About Spin Tires

The only realistic heavy off-road driving simulator
Interesting cars unavailable elsewhere

This is the ultimate heavy off-road simulation – fasten the seat belt and drive your rig through the forests, rivers and axle-deep mud! A host of unique vehicles based on Soviet off-road classics offers an unique experience and the challenging transport missions boost the replayability.

– CPU: Intel Core i7 CPU 930 @ 2,8 GHz
– Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 480
– RAM: 4096 MB RAM
– Controller: Logitech Driving Force GT

Nguồn: https://dinhk.net/

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42 Responses

  1. Fix Play says:

    Зайди ко мне на канал, может понравится, спасибо)

  2. Евгений Карданов says:

    Если в жизни так вот ехать все скаты постреляли бы

  3. कैलाश कैलाश सिंह says:


  4. Vuqar Elekberov says:

    From where you downloaded

  5. Vuqar Elekberov says:

    Plase tell me the name of this game, if you like it

  6. Vuqar Elekberov says:

    Zehmet olmasa bu oyunun adini detin

  7. AB Production Studio says:

    I have good pc
    16Gb ram
    i7 4rth gernation
    Can i paly this game and what is game name …

  8. Sholeh Rizal says:

    Euro apa itu

  9. Victor Campbell says:

    1:00 where is the guy?

  10. Husnain Cheema430 says:

    what is the name of game?

  11. Мислимбек Вахитов says:

    пажалиста игра отправит

  12. محترف محاكات says:

    https://youtu.be/TxeiefcT_7g ارجوالاشتراك والدعم

  13. Sud Rock says:

    is it a pc game or a ps game ???

  14. Maisa 123 says:

    Como eu faço para fazer o download deste jogo

  15. Farel Irzi says:

    Bang itu gamenya namanya game apa

  16. Pravoslavac Vainglory TV says:

    0:35 RIP WOOD

  17. Большегруз 39 Rus ETS2 says:


  18. Constantine Atzer says:

    И с хера он полноприводный

  19. Constantine Atzer says:

    Это Россия

  20. Ahir Viken says:

    Is game Ka download video banao

  21. Bajrang Kisan says:

    Game kaise download karte hain

  22. Seb_Gamer says:

    Nice Video

  23. Patel Nilay says:

    Gem ka name kya he

  24. MemeMachine420 says:

    it looks like the trailer is made of rubber

  25. Vikas Chauhan says:

    Bhai game ka link to de de yr

  26. Gobind Kc says:

    Bhai Play Store Mein Leke Aaya rassi gym

  27. Bappa Mandal says:

    Game name?

  28. Akash Prajapati says:

    Bhai game kaise download karna hai bhai bata do fir Mai apka channel subscribe kar dunga

  29. Pawan Pawan says:

    Bhai tum log itna achcha game kahan se jaate Ho

  30. Аяврик says:

    Им,бы только поиздеваться на нашим Камазом.

  31. Машина Машинин says:

    Калеса не правдоподобные

  32. Иван Иванов says:

    У меня несколько вопросов. 1 Почему у меня это в рекомендации 2 Почему столько просмотром у сея шедевра 3 Почему 95% коментов иностранных

  33. Hung Ha says:

    Trò chơi bảo nhau với

  34. Hung Ha says:

    Trò chơi bảo nhau với

  35. Асель Байменова says:


  36. joao cristovao says:

    Alem de nao ter motorista a fumaça some rapido as pedras nao sao de verdade eo grafico e ruim

  37. VINOD KUMAR says:

    V.k Computar

  38. Rabin Van mora says:

    Please help me, need a solution


  39. Vivek Kumar says:

    So beautiful truck love you truck

  40. Андрей Воронин says:

    Далбоёб куда ты так поворачиваешь на фуре под 90% градусов!!?

  41. Arman Patel says:

    Game ki link

  42. DAILY TRIER the Gamer says:

    Watch some new videos about this game here

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