SourceBlock: Episode 1 – Let's Get Started!!! [Minecraft 1.14 Survival Multiplayer]

IT’S HERE!!! SourceBlock Episode 1!!!

A Brand New Vanilla Survival Minecraft SMP!!! Let’s Get Started and have some fun!!!

In this episode we get to know the group, collect resources, and transform a plains village house into our Survival Starter House at Spawn!!!

Let me know what you want to see in the next episode of SourceBlock!!


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45 Responses

  1. jwhisp number 1 fan says:

    Lol funny dirty joke. In vid

  2. BlazeBuster 21 says:

    When a villager can’t find a path to its work station it will stop being what it is

  3. Megan B says:

    my first time watching ur video…all i hear is donkey from shrek

  4. Spicy Milk says:

    Spits out drink
    "Starter house?!"

  5. Jersie Paña says:

    who clicked this because the pic was beautiful?

  6. Jerry Huffman says:

    Anyone else see that ominous figure in the sky at 5:00?

  7. TCLKZ Production’s says:

    Amazing video

  8. Sir Oofington says:

    Are you using realms to play with other friends?

  9. KitKat 2009 says:

    Me the whole time: laughing my head off
    My mind: What the hell is going on??

  10. Mike Watson says:

    It would be cool to see you do like an abandoned Atlantis ruins… Doing an underwater base would be an interesting challenge for your style, and you could use the prismarine blocks.. Play with them a bit

  11. Johli Potter says:

    This is the first time I have even heard of you and I just wanna say that I love your YouTube names lol

  12. Esbjörn Steiber says:

    Hyper hyped

  13. Koo Tae says:

    ..I’m back to watching this channel! Took a looong break, and guess what! I’ve got the game too now C:

  14. Bros N All says:

    Yay another hermit craft to watch

    So happy

  15. Kelly Smith says:

    You have the best name in history.

  16. Ishaan’s Review channel says:

    Which server is this plz can you tell

  17. XoxAnimeRulesxoX UwU says:

    First time watching this guy.
    He sounds legit

  18. KY_GUY says:

    I’m hyped up

  19. Just a Bloak says:

    Humble little


  20. iJame says:

    "You're like a reversed Iskall"
    angry Swedish noises


  21. BS the DJ says:

    Re watching the videos, lost track so let’s re go

  22. Soul Scares says:

    Nntt noice

  23. faded siege says:

    What mods are you using for that they look amazing

  24. Daren D says:

    What happens to the others in multi if someone sleeps?

  25. JJ Gamer says:

    What's the seed for this world

  26. SOVC Leviathan says:

    Too high for hype, but it's pretty damn cool bro. Keep it up G

  27. Aricz elijah Magan says:

    Nice house

  28. Aricz elijah Magan says:


  29. PineApple says:

    50% boy
    50% girl

  30. Sabastian Frank says:

    I'm one month late lol

  31. Grant Brannan says:


  32. wet bread says:

    jumps in hole

  33. ItsHyperSs says:

    Did somebody give there wood?

  34. LEMON says:

    I have my own SMP server but this is really cool

  35. JayDeeMC says:

    I'm a bit late watching this. Playing on an SMP is a lot of fun! I'm glad I'm doing it with a great group of players/YouTubers. Do you find it more fun to play on an SMP or in single player?

  36. Kristine Reyes says:

    Did you build source block

  37. Rachel Moss says:

    Soooooo Hermitcraft?

  38. Ashlyn Wilson says:

    Just found this guy and I love him so much

  39. tmckenzie 24 says:


  40. Nathan And A Cat says:

    I've been playing Minecraft ever since it came out and I'm still learning stuff, mostly building skills from you. I don't know how you do it but your really good 🙂

  41. HEROBRINEGAMING1 .1 says:

    Cool multiplayer survival.

  42. Kool Aid says:

    Go to the tyga

  43. lego Indiana Jones says:

    "okay so basically I made some terraforming off-camera"

  44. gaming leade says:


  45. Fauzi Fahad Nugroho says:

    Thanks for the inspirations, Sausage:)

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