Sniper Ghost Warrior Walkthrough – Part 1 One Shot, One Kill (Gameplay Commentary)

I was so excited about the second game and it’s now delayed. I’m a little gutted but let’s try out the first game. Please show this part a massive amount of love with likes and comments. If your new subscribe, it’s free

Sniper Ghost Warrior Walkthrough – Part 1 One Shot, One Kill (Gameplay Commentary)

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44 Responses

  1. 303en says:

    This game was probably the first good game to come out of City Interactive.

  2. Hayden Demmitt says:

    #awesomeness and also who’s watching in 2019 I had played this on my xbox 360 which I still have but the disk got scratched up and I was almost done with that game I used to think this game had such good graphics lol

  3. Raul Bista says:

    2019 ??

  4. DeltaBird2269 says:

    This honestly is the best out of all 3 and this new one coming out doesn't look all that good. This is good, classic, sniping. Almost makes me feel like Tom Berenger as Thomas Beckett from Sniper.

  5. Kent Keller says:

    That had to be played on easy

  6. الدين والعلم says:

  7. GabThe CompassDog says:

    it’s funny how the fucking sniper has less recoil the the rifle, also fuck this game they can’t control the recoil at all

  8. Aimilia Solomou says:


  9. Doni Iswandi says:


  10. Akhil C01.03 says:

    is anybody else is watching this in 2019 ????

  11. Andy wu says:

    very cool

  12. Andy wu says:

    so cool

  13. Andy wu says:

    very nice

  14. Andy wu says:

    so nice

  15. No NoNsEnSe gamer RK says:

    This game is only 750 mb
    I have it

  16. Oli Putra Widoseno says:

    Hey how you can skip training bug

  17. Tanim Ahmed says:

    Pentium g4560/6gb ddr3 ram/ gt 710 can i play this game????? And how much fps i'll get??

  18. Faisal Rahman says:

    Masha Allah nice

  19. Cedric Franklin says:

    No offense but you talk too much through the game

  20. Cameron Conner says:

    Sniper ghost warrior games best games I've played they're amaizng

  21. ScrapS says:

    I have it on ps3 and it is amazing

  22. Fikar Aja says:

    what is one shot is not the same as the title

  23. Muhammad Musab says:

    Bro can you give me the terrain 5 rpack file

  24. Fruitszy Gaming says:

    Why im stuck at startup screen press any key to continue

  25. Namjoon Has My Heart says:

    I used to watch my dad play this when I was 6 (yes 6) and every time my dad was about to shoot someone I’d get soo tense and then I’d always congratulate him on killing someone 😂😂 surprisingly,I’m feeling the same emotions now as I’m watching this 😂 great gameplay!

  26. jared Johnson says:

    Payed 50p for my version in cgarity shop

  27. Adolf Hitler says:

    tolol dah tahu ada musuh di deketin

  28. Wida Wida says:

    Lumayan bagus

  29. Jason Voorhees says:

    I liked this game back in the xbox 360 days

  30. Rana Shaikh says:

    Sir please tell me how to crouch?… some people says press ctrl but doesn't working

  31. AV Stream says:

    3 years later i found this game my fav game when i was 10

  32. sathurjan sathu says:

    unloac code namper

  33. Kabir Tuhin says:

    Is this your first sniping game?

  34. Bernardino Garcia says:

    you sound like nogla

  35. Djalal Tayara says:

    ياحسراه يا زبي ….وكتا لعبتها ….كنش ما عندكم قحبا نيكوها…

  36. musa khan14 says:

    I always get caught at 9:57

  37. Uttam prakash says:

    Hindi ma

  38. sari kadri says:


  39. full funny says:

    is tis 4 Android..??

  40. Noob Gamer says:

    These graphics look like crysis 1…….

  41. Il loan lI says:

    This game was what I came home to after school everyday to play multi-player and I loved it I just wish the third one was like this

  42. Paul Pugh says:

    Would love a remake if this game, it was a fantastic game tense and plenty of action

  43. Mr K says:

    Some day FPS's will figure out that testing isn't teaching.

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