Sniper: Ghost Warrior Part 1 Full HD 60 fps

Playing through this mediocre shooter. Damn I have to disable music in future because copyright bullshit.


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21 Responses

  1. rene giroux says:

    coupure fréquent de son !!!

  2. Bezedný James says:


  3. Thales Vidal says:

    this game looks like a bad version of far cry

  4. Canberk Palamut says:

  5. Seymen Oyunda says:


  6. MANUEL FILHO says:

    tem como baixa esse jogo no pc

  7. Ahmet can says:

    1 ve 2 sini 3 tlye aldım

  8. Rayhan Fra says:

    And Try Finding Something In Building

  9. Rayhan Fra says:

    Always Check Left

  10. Rayhan Fra says:

    He Didnt Take A Ammo In SmallTower

  11. jesterM60 says:

    You are so lame 😀

  12. kunyuk conge'an says:

    When noob got panic…

  13. Muhammad Musab says:

    Bro can you give me the terrain 5 rpack file

  14. Abdul Moiz says:

    it my favourite and good game

  15. Ben A says:

    You're fool piece of shit

  16. Future Canadian says:

    20:24 classic

  17. Littleman Fishing says:

    20:24 chicken nuggets

  18. Vaidotas89 says:

    what a dumbass player…

  19. Faisal Josamsu says:

    player play fool not use strategy…………….

  20. Creshana says:

    this dude is so stubid i mean he has like no idea of controls and then he suddenly jump right infront of enemy like wtf

  21. remus dragan says:

    funny how u try to punch ppl :)))) u have a knife u know :)) that u can throw :))))))

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