Serato DJ Tutorial-Pioneer DDJ SX (HD)

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  1. Julius Idugboe says:

    Please can we get a video for reloop mixon 4 on serato

  2. vapon says:

    These things should be sold for 300 – 500. They' re just plastics with no electronics inside! Just midi controllers.

  3. Gianmarco Adiutori says:


  4. the big Cartel says:

    how do you switch from thru back to normal on each deck

  5. barry cailes says:

    how to switch no and off the needle search please

  6. Darryl Bob says:

    I have a DDJ-SX i bought it on 2013 and i use it almost 4 hours of learning and 6 months of usage. I have friends that DJ taught me and I have hard to time coping with it. I also have hard time with no speaker and headphones. My controller have been laying for bloody two years. I realise that I am such a slow learner and failure :/

  7. DJ Martin GT says:

    Works perfect with VDJ 8 too (Which I think is better than Serato IMO)

  8. BPM Latino says:

    nice tutorial!

  9. DJ_RMUSIC says:

    Where can you download the samples from?

  10. DeeJay Pajtim says:

    I have the pioneer ddj-sx from two years and for me it's a fantastic equipment.Well built and really professional.Not a single problem till now.

  11. Francisco de la luz Gonzalez says:

    burn everything and dj

  12. trail8laz3r says:

    Guys the Dream is Real
    I will buy this instantly

  13. King Geezy says:

    amazing controller… can't wait to get mine

  14. Ale Gelatti says:

    en español por favor!!!

  15. ShpinxiLotus23 says:

    you were redlining.  

  16. Graham Jay says:

    Why the hell did they do away with the function lock on the needle search strip, its stupid knowing that the effect knobs are placed just above the sensor, only to jog the whole track by trying to use them which is soo easily done Hmmm!! 

  17. dam lucas says:

    hello i am a new dj.   downloaded songs from itunes and its not loading on serato,but its showing on libary with yellow sign on the track, pls can you help me with this and how can i set the headphones cos i want to listening to another song while the other is playing out..

  18. Divine Nadine says:

    wanted to know if there is a way to separate tracks when recording a mix without having to use another program?

  19. 1967riccardo says:

    please track at 7'30"

  20. Matthew J says:

    I just brought my first controller ( DDJ SX ) , But I'm new the both serato an ddj sx, my computer is a windows Hp with windows  7. I have T3 portable hard drive . but I have most of my music is on wax , cd , and ITunes. witch I found out today serato don't support WMP.  I was told that I need a MP3 witch will be better to save my music and serato will also support it . what should I do . can you please help..???

  21. Corey Steward says:

    Cant get the fader start to work follow all the directions can someone help?

  22. nice_pints92 says:

    go into the detailed sample mode then select the loop and you must save the loop first

  23. Andres Rios says:

    What version of serato is included ? Is serato pro ? or is a LE version ?

  24. Andres Rios says:

    Is there manual loop control ?

  25. Superfly says:

    Ok I am having trouble copying a loop to the sp6 sampler every time i drag and drop it it just plays the track from the beginning and not from where the loop is any ideas?

  26. Elijah Turay says:

    Mine come on Friday! Can't wait.

  27. Majestic Sound says:

    This is, by far, the most informative and straight forward DJ tutorial I've watched on you tube.

  28. Majestic Sound says:

    Amazing… Gotta get me one.

  29. Nicolas Acevedo says:

    this shit is awesome

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