Salem Massachusetts Tiki Hut Boat Cruise- D Tour #154 9/25/19

Salem Massachusetts Tiki Hut Boat Cruise- D Tour #154 9/25/19
By request from a D Tours viewer.. Join me as we cruise the Salem Harbor on the “Tiki Time” Tiki Hut Boat with Capt Scott and First Mate Karen.. This was wicked awesome!! Then (by request) I take you through some local shops in Salem.. Cheers!


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14 Responses

  1. Anthony DeMaria says:

    Great video, what type of editing software do you use? New phone quality looks great.

  2. Heather Eudy says:

    I don't mind the bar part. It allows the viewer to have a drink with you.

  3. aurora vandenberg says:

    Your videos have given me so many great ideas for my trip ! Can’t wait to be there for Halloween !

  4. Jason Uga says:

    Great video, as always. Don't listen to the haters. Film inside as many pubs as you want.

  5. The Double Scorp Witch says:

    Yes we're approaching the litness of Salem's Halloween season! By all means D stay true to you and have a beer if you feel like it!!!

  6. Cornfed CobaltSS says:

    Great vlog 🎃

  7. Dash Riprock says:

    Another awesome video! I was wondering what that Tiki Bar Boat was when I was grabbing a drink at the Ferry Landing earlier today! lol

  8. siennas2011 says:

    I'll be there tomorrow for this weekend. I'm so excited! First time ever tho so I hope I don't get too lost 🙄💜🖤

  9. Christine Billard says:

    Love all your Salem videos !

  10. Nelly C says:

    Keyboard meteorologist 🤣

  11. Zac Saleski says:

    man that new iphone is way better than some point and shoot cameras even some DSLR cameras. Can't wait for halloween time to see it in action!

  12. B M says:

    Tiki bar & Salem ?! Best video ever

  13. B M says:

    Keep up the Halloween stuff I love it !

  14. Travis Bogetti says:

    Dude nothing you film is boring. I dig it all! 🧹🔮🧹.

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