Running man(2ne1,taeyang) 20130728 #7(6)

SBS 일요일이 좋다-런닝맨 Running man 156회(Ep.156)
[외계돌 지구침공 – 투애니원 2NE1 / 태양 Taeyang]

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46 Responses

  1. J White says:

    Minzy 💪💪💪💪👏👏👏
    😍😍😍😍 2019 😍😍😍

  2. si ninho says:

    Proud Minzy

  3. น้องหมา หน้ายิ้มแป้น says:


  4. Jude Mallari says:

    1:44 CL is just standing and watching 😆

  5. Kate Sanders says:

    where taeyang?

  6. Nory Breis says:

    Miss minzy so much 😭😭

  7. Krista love live says:


  8. Marisa Mamani says:


  9. mike.choi says:

    민지 = 윤은혜 ㅋㅋㅋ (minzy = yoon eun hye)

  10. Chin Kwee Choong says:


  11. Chin Kwee Choong says:


  12. 유다은 says:


  13. P. Rochelle says:

    지석진 ㅇㄴ

  14. Abdulelah mohammad says:

    وش الجو ؟

    2 بيض ؟

  15. malou malabana says:

    strong woman MINZY…

  16. K N says:

    YEAHHH MINZY !!! x333

  17. JaCiVi says:

    minzy  you are the best 

  18. nikki zhong says:

    notice how everyone was rooting for minzy the whole time and when she won everyone was liek cheering LOL

  19. Isary96 says:

    omg, minzy's amazing!

  20. Ronda Rousey says:

    Minji <3

  21. Jessa Honeylee Peñira says:

    I hope i can understand…. english sub. Plz…. luv u 2ne1

  22. Jessa Honeylee Peñira says:

    I hope i can understand…. english sub. Plz…. luv u 2ne1

  23. Karen Andez says:

    So much fun.. I just hope I can understand them

  24. 메에롱 says:

    지석진아저씨가 살렸다 ㅋㅋㅋ

  25. nene says:

    woohoo minzy!

  26. Katsura Kotarou says:

    LOL they always hyper like that .. XD

  27. angelinetubig says:

    Song jihyo

  28. T Ching says:


  29. Bettina Publico says:


  30. Satan says:

    yeah i hv look in 8 pt. OMG I LOVE TAEYANG !!!! ♥♥♥

  31. Satan says:

    @newSundaySBS .. u know who is Taeyang ?? because in the video he is not !!!

  32. seenean ha says:

    คิดไงสู้กับ มินจีเนี่ย !! 55555555555

  33. Gyoung says:

    so where is TAEYANG!?

  34. Ánh Phan says:

    Minzy so strong! I can belive!

  35. cookiethecollie _ says:

    So funny

  36. Jey La says:

    Minzy got the power

  37. Blackjack for Eva says:

    minzy = strong ♥♥♥

  38. SoieLuvs MonstaX2NE1AteezLittleMix says:

    SSang Park is truly the best of the show ^^

  39. Mr. MKR says:

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  40. Iveck Kwon says:

    These girls never fail to amuse me. There's never a dull moment! Specially The Ssang Park! Hah! I LOVE THEM TO DEATH!

  41. Iveck Kwon says:

    2NE1 jjang!!!!

  42. Iveck Kwon says:

    Our mingkki is soooo strong!!! Love you unnie! Fighting!

  43. Chia Hsin Chang says:

    Minzy~ 3

  44. 93550 says:

    so funny i love how hyper the Running Man cast is in this episode…

  45. Jang Melek says:

    yeaaaaah , onne

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