ROBLOX Tiki Island | All 4 Endings

Requested by: Veen Vaporeon

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ROBLOX Tiki Island | All 4 Endings – Thank you for watching!

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50 Responses

  1. Crazytrain2015 says:

    Thank You for watching!
    Next video will be ROBLOX Camping 2 All 4 Endings

  2. black wolves says:

    how can you try to get the third or fourth ending (one of them)?

  3. Taniavaleria Ojopi says:


  4. x c says:

    The safe ending its kinda a sercet

  5. alexplays _games says:

    Friend:everyone dont save teachers


    Me:they make ur life horrible with homework

  6. zet pie says:

    to get trapped: choose nobody, everyone must choose nobody
    to be safe and save nobody: the votes must be tied

  7. Cloudyio _ says:

    I got the tour ending

  8. Fried Godzilla nugget says:

    How do i get the goodluck

  9. Bron OwO says:

    Fuck you

  10. jyron felix says:

    When you tried sacrificing yourself just to save both but then both of you, tour guide, and teacher died.

  11. the boi says:

    good ending = dont save anyone

    bad ending = dont save anyone


  12. Batman Leelaand says:

    Welp I’m sub

  13. Carolyn * says:

    i didnt save anyone but i wasnt trapped, unless.. it got an update? because i played before july

  14. jace Rivera says:

    I got the bad one

  15. Silas channel Cifuentes says:

    WOW 😮

  16. Annu Anand says:

    Wait a second the murderer in camping 2 die that is Zach Nolan but in hotel he is back how? Tell me guys

  17. Caillou 777 AUTTP says:

    I did tour ending

  18. Anamul Hoque says:

    U like trains yayayayayay and Roblox we are pretty much the same 🙂

  19. sS[CysticZPoison]Ss Gachatuber U.U says:

    Never save the teacher….they will slap you with RULERSSSSSSSSSSS'SSSSS

  20. Caillou 777 AUTTP says:

    Tour guide ending: You have summer vacation
    Teacher ending: No summer vacation
    Both ending: You get back to normal
    Nothing ending: You died

  21. margarita200469 says:

    Teacher:im giving you all f's
    Me:but you will be dead

  22. MikadoPlayz - ZapFish HD _ YT says:

    Why we not choose the teacher because we don’t want extra class and extra homework anymore !

  23. Josie’s Art says:

    How can you tell apart of the Good luck ending and Bad Luck ending

  24. Derpy films says:

    There’s another way to get the trapped if there’s 2 people and one chose thecher and one tour guide you get the trapped ending that happened to me

  25. Noob Plays says:

    1:31 Teacher : i am giving you all F's , Me : NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO PLZ

  26. Ruben HD says:

    To Me Roplox

  27. Ruben HD says:

    Hey Man I just want you to come

  28. Anderson Pham says:

    Woman face is ugly

  29. Nathan Jimenez says:

    That teacher deserves to die

  30. Brayden Murphy says:

    What’s The Difference Between Saving The Teacher Or Tour Guide?

  31. sean _tidope17 says:

    We chose the tour guide so we got f at least we do not have to take any school work yay

  32. Bea Capongcol says:


  33. Spicy Taco says:

    Another way to get a good ending is to make a tie between the teacher and tour guide

  34. Oralia Wheeler-Spahn says:

    I love the music 🧸🔪

  35. Çağın Yildirim says:

    How we do trapped ending

  36. irkkupotato :3 says:


    she gives homework

  37. Esicoww says:

    I would never save my teacher

  38. Lisa Chickenfingers says:

    – Scary guy at end of Tour: Did you think you made the right choice?- Me: yes I don’t want anymore school or learning dude

  39. The happy mouse says:


  40. Prasant Bhagavatula says:

    Choose your guide me-bye mother fu11er

  41. Asriel Kyiv Lee says:

    So many endings

  42. TheSad Gamer says:

    never save the teacher! die teachers

  43. KeithGamingYT2501 Chips says:

    Tiki ISland is Easy

  44. Christopher Warner says:

    I has a wired ending I was stuck in a black screen I didn't die

  45. The Gia Gaming channel says:

    I would save my teacher

  46. {Tiny} says:

    First ending: Ha, jokes on you. I hated my teacher the moment I met them!

  47. Shawnee Guzman says:

    I don't know where to go when lava. The little guys go away from tree

  48. Alex PotatoeAnime says:

    I’d save the tour guide lol
    “OH MY GOD”
    He a jojo

  49. Tausi Manuila says:

    Copywrited music at the start

  50. THE NORTH says:

    I guess I will get rid of all of you!
    Me: uNo ReVeRb cArD

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