Resident Evil 5 Remastered – Excella Boss Fight – Uroboros Aheri

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Excella realized the foolishness of trusting Albert Wesker, unfortunately it was too late. Wesker injected her with Uroboros and she transformed into, “Uroboros Aheri”. Chris Redfield and Sheva Alamor must kill it before it wrecks the ship in Resident Evil 5 Remastered for PS4 in 1080pHD 60FPS!!!

In Swahili, Aheri means “end” and “I love you.” Which represents Excella’s previous feelings for Wesker.

I got hit only once in the video 🙁

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40 Responses

  1. Celine says:

    1:41 I thought that too xd


    Were the jiggle physics necessary?

  3. Torey White says:

    Excella's loyalty has costed her wretched life. Just a deluded fool, who a FUCKING, WORTHLESS PUPPET.

  4. Aran Erem says:

    Using a rocket launcher

  5. Blahblahblah28504 says:

    And that day, Excella learned one last lesson before mutating: DON'T FUCKING TRUST WESKER.

  6. Gnome de Plume says:

    Don't think they make cocktail dresses in her new size

  7. Kyff Hazard says:

    Would it be too weird to theorize that those huge red bulbs were her mutated ovaries?

  8. carlos arceo says:

    que robo esto de los remaster lo unico que hace es sacar plata

  9. Angel Eye says:

    Man excella was gorgeous but I knew she was gonna die bad being a murderer. Too bad Wesker didn't die like that🤬

  10. Abraham Bonilla Perez says:

    Diablos bailo la más buena!!

  11. Exbelion says:

    All Uroboros fights suck and are hard

  12. CHRISMED2 says:

    excella has nice thick booty!! sorry she turned into an ugly skank

  13. michael Live says:

    How About Death Scenes In Every Resident Evil Game That You Havent Do

  14. Alauress says:

    Top 3 Painful Rejections
    1. Uroboros
    2. Marriage Proposal
    3. Asking Your Crush Out

  15. xswifscoutx bravo says:

    exella totaly sucked off wesker for sure
    wesker transmit the virus in her mouth!!

  16. Yohan Sibayan says:

    I thought excellas boobs were going to fall out

  17. Brandon Ortega says:

    I play that as veteran and I take to beat the boss like 6:35:02 mins

  18. Axelmations Velasco says:

    Wait can you one shot it with a rocket launcher

  19. Jurate Zukauskaite says:

    As bunu grazuole kai sakau jiems tuos zodzius ju mirtyje, buna siaip supratus kryzius kas dar tai.As reiksminga.:// na na na.

  20. Jurate Zukauskaite says:

    Ju kaip dalyviu kur mirtis jau buvo, o as vykdytoja suvokia mane ir mirsta, o ju protas tik toks , kad gyvius matote.:))As esu angelas stipriausia ateive.

  21. VERONICA MANNI says:


  22. Lil Seahawk says:

    Wesker= rekt

  23. Gabriel- Augusto says:

    Excella was a hot woman!😈😘😍❤

  24. blake says:

    Chris and sheva:seeing execella transform

    Chris:Dont shoot sheva just watch

  25. Kyle Schneider says:

    9:45 Smile you silmy bitch! Jaws References

  26. Random says:

    lol at all the dead bodies at the beginning

  27. Kevin Silva says:

    The most annoying boss ever. It is unpredictable when you'll get a game over

  28. Stevejackson says:

    Watching too much hentai tentacles…

  29. masełko Rzeszy says:

    "Eww…Connor thats disgusting"
    Sorry I needed to say that there

  30. Malik Wallace says:


  31. BreeFour says:

    Such an awesome fight! I played RE5 for the first time a couple months ago and I'm still in love!

  32. Barrymarti # says:

    Wtf remastered?

  33. Teh Yunxuan says:

    Thats what you get for sucking wesker’s cock

  34. Deja Alston says:

    Even though she's a villain I still feel bad for her though.

  35. Heather Devaney says:

    This was always my favorite fight

  36. Apocalypse_Later says:

    "Shouldn't we put a stop to this? She is obviously about to turn into another hideous monster"
    "Nah, I want to see where this is going"

  37. Connor Mills says:

    666 likes :O

  38. Borjack says:

    Fucking albert. Coul've made a family with excella. She's so in love with him. Poor woman.

  39. TC LoneWolf89 says:

    Hold still excella this won't hurt a but if we pop that blister well maybe just a little bit

  40. jelena_ raine says:

    I fuckin hate this boss when I was a kid(I played co-op w/ dad),Because I hated button mashing Alot. Now,I bought the remastered one for Ps4,Now me and dad play this now,and oh fucking god this is still a pain.

    Dafuq Excella?😂

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