Resident Evil 5 Mercenaries Reunion – Solo – Public Assembly – 729,907 (Excella)

Jerm here with a RE 5 Mercs PA Solo run with Excella. I made a lot of mistakes in this run, but kept it going and finished with a new personal high score. I hope you enjoy and thanks for watching.

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32 Responses

  1. Littlefoot says:

    I did this with more time left, killed the executioner more times, and ended up with 50 thousand less points. Is the scoring system different from the Xbox 360 on the Playstation 4?

  2. jose paz says:

    2:49, were did that explosion come from I wonder 🤔

  3. silvia boi says:

    some pharmacy whore got bored and decides to eliminate some majinis

  4. silvia boi says:

    excella was probably like
    "all i ever asked for was to get laid, did ask too fucking much you cock?"

  5. Gary Whittle says:

    You know you can get that score without running for all the glyphs first. Dont know why you took that many risks with the boss when she can kill him in no time. Good run nethertheless.

  6. Francisco Aguilera says:

    su culo me distrae ahah no puedo apuntar bien

  7. Matiii Ariiel says:

    She's a diva

  8. carlos omar veintemilla says:

    Excelent gameplay and excelent music man, good work

  9. wwevhamp says:

    Alot of heel action lol great job bro

  10. Bryan E. A. says:

    Name of the second song? video in desc is down

  11. No name says:

    How did you not get hit at 0:50

  12. Allen Picazo says:

    Good Job man!

  13. QueenofBlades56 says:

    The second music link is busted. Anyone got a working one?

  14. LUIS CORZO says:

    Las tetas de Excella son como cocos con leche a quien no se les antoja

  15. 呂愷 says:

    I will not discard my pistol ever again.

  16. Anderson Novelas says:

    ultra player

  17. StopFlaggingVideos says:

    Knew I recognized that first music

  18. stupreme says:

    She can slap me any day… long as I can slap that ass 1st

  19. Los Bacatranes says:

    Xbox 360 ?

  20. Future Jew Overlord says:

    I need to go to Italy

  21. Virus world says:

    Big Ole Italian Booty Shes Got. Probably From All The Pasta They Eat

  22. PEST GAME says:

    wow is great play olive your play

  23. Earthbound97 says:

    XD bad Girls theme goes well for Excella XD

  24. Seuss Soo says:

    And the highest score I've ever gotten is 110, 416 with a total of 51 combo…

    Surely, this is all under your tactic and maneuver, but how is it that you've never had that moment wherein enemies take quite a time to spawn? (basically, there's not one single enemy in sight) I couldn't maintain my combo during that phase. Is it because you don't immediately kill the axe man, thus they keep on coming?

    By the way, you are incredibly great. Everyone may be paying attention to Excella's ass, but maaaaaaaan I'm paying attention to how the hell you got 'em big score! Hands down.

  25. World's Strongest Reaper says:

    Hears Bad Girl's theme No……………..nonoonononnonononoonnononononononnonnonononononoononononononononononononononononononoonnoononononononononononononooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Gato Alemão says:

    awesome dude, you have make it more vídeos like this?

  27. Emre Akyürek says:

    I believed I was pretty good before watching your video :O

  28. Maja Findora says:

    3rd song?

  29. evil dead says:

    i like this misec

  30. silvia boi says:

    excella is such a slut. srry for my potty mouth 😆

  31. silvia boi says:

    i'm actually playing bad girl's theme on nfs mw 2012. it fits for me

  32. marton jakusovszki says:

    this year i play RE And listen to NMH ost
    i am not alone with this

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