PORTAL to the BLACKPINK Dimension | Minecraft PE

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  1. the animating thing says:

    Cool video,its so cool to have you around

  2. Daniel Alvarez says:

    Blackpink Blackpink

  3. Yosep Sugihartono says:

    Fake boong😖😖😖

  4. Bunga Jidinantya says:

    Itu app apa kak

  5. It's Thea says:

    Is that Philippine t-shirt?

  6. Aria Lupiana says:

    Itu portal neraka bukan black pink!

  7. Ivana Ignacia says:


  8. Aria Lupiana says:

    Bohong😑kayak yg lainnya

  9. D G says:

    7 year olds watch this

  10. beige says:

    I love how people think this is real

  11. Nena Gregorio says:

    Its hard

  12. Adilbish Enhtsetseg says:

    Zaa hudlaa shagaad

  13. Adilbish Enhtsetseg says:

    Zaa hudlaa shagaad

  14. Susana Geronimo says:

    Its beatiful and amazing

  15. Uda Aden says:

    Video ini berbohong
    Yg sama like

  16. Akiko Kawai says:

    Alguien aqui es de latinoamerica?

  17. dyan japon says:

    Edi wow

  18. Rio de Janeiro says:

    COOL video,its só cool tô have you around

  19. Frida Kirani says:

    Namya gem apa

  20. Loraine Dapon says:

    edi wow

  21. Ahmad Ridwan says:

    Gak ada black pink nya

  22. Dede Ade says:

    sia sia saya nonton gak blackpink

  23. Fg Fg says:


  24. Ionel Constandes says:

    music of 😠

  25. Miftah Oktariani says:

    This fake

  26. Valen’s Squad says:

    I tried the portal but it didn’t work don’t trust this guy 😡

  27. Maxine Campbell says:

    I’m not ashamed of singing along… I’M NOT! Believe it!

  28. Cedra Albert says:


  29. โสภาวรรณ์ กองสุข says:


  30. Asif Mahir says:

    Cool video❤🤣👉🤣👈

  31. blaier yt says:

    Fake bruh

  32. ViKi FøX says:

    Есть кто русский

  33. Fatimah zakaria nia 1975 says:


  34. Layane Danielle says:

    Q? Ninguém aqui é do Brasil?

  35. We are BTS says:

    ini gak fake yah?

  36. MELLY channel says:

    Palingan jadi nya portal neraka

  37. Khloe Bite Marquez says:


  38. Khloe Bite Marquez says:

    This is fake

  39. Milagros del rocio Ayala cardenas says:

    Merly cresmen

  40. Amelia Espinosa says:

    I tried it…It did not work I still go to the nether

  41. Ghadi Alghamdi. says:

    لحوق لبل

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