Pokecraft Pokemon Mod MCPE Installation Guide | Mod for MCPE | UltimateCraft

Pokecraft Pokemon Mod MCPE Installation Guide | Mod for MCPE | UltimateCraft

Pokecraft Mod is an awesome mod for Minecraft PE – Play POKEMON in MCPE.

Mods & Addons for MCPE – Intro new version
– New design UI.
– Thousand of resources.
– All new & hot addons, maps, mods…
– Easy to install.
– Daily update
– Support all version of MCPE.

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AddOns Maker MCPE: Android: iOS:

AddOns & Mods MCPE: Android

Maps MCPE: Android

Mod Maker MCPE: Android

Resource Pack MCPE: Android

Skins MCPE: Android

Seeds MCPE: Android

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33 Responses

  1. BURUNG JUARA says:

    Version which minecraft pocket plis

  2. Anime彡 Gaming says:

    Background music is a music of any stickman game🤔🤔😜

  3. Jonsey Bush says:

    I Have the new one 2019

  4. []тк •наскея[] says:

    Modnya pake Block launcher

  5. Sanjeev Deshpande says:

    How To Download this game

  6. Sri Susanty says:


  7. Arman Ali says:

    Not working

  8. Xxxshadow_HexXxx ! says:

    What Version des Block launcher wants???? I have the newest in 2019

  9. HARSHIT says:

    Does this work on minecraft pe 1.13 plzzzzzzzzzzz anyone tell me fast

  10. Listen: To me says:


  11. FIRE FRAG says:

    Mine was just normal it didn't change

  12. Riyadi Gaul says:

    Can it be in the new version??

  13. ØMEGA SØUL says:

    I did all the steps, but there is no Pokemon in the whole world. Just some pokeballs and pokedex are there. No animals and.no pokemons. Please please please please tell me how to fix it.

  14. XIL TiGer VN says:

    Phiên bản nào cx chs đc hả bạn?

  15. salvador Ratzan says:


  16. SUPER VISHU says:

    Can he support in mcpe 13 version

  17. Neetu Singh says:

    Fake my block launcher is not working

  18. moises gamer says:


  19. adnan khan says:

    Woi nuice budio

  20. Yashwardhan Tawniya says:

    Not working

  21. SERVEAL _YT says:

    Why is there only charmander and charmeloen

  22. Nate Nate says:

    is there final evoulation

  23. Bendy says:

    Hey guys if this isnt working for u search up poke craft in mcpedl then pick the pokecraft addon
    Thats as close as u gonna get it

  24. MtwxPistolBlox says:

    Add more Pokemon to the mod plz…like a Squirtle,Blastoise,Bulbasaur,Kyogre,Groudon,Rayquaza,charizard,Arcanine,growlithe and all of those Pokemon plz

  25. Pixel shooter says:

    Why does it say some important things are missing? Please do a second part for 2019

  26. gingerzilla ! says:

    I tried it and all the pokemon where villagers

  27. Ha ppy says:

    Could you please make a iOS version?

  28. 【 ᴛ ʀ ᴀ s ʜ - ᴅ ᴇ ᴠ ɪ ʟ 】 says:

    I tried but it doesn't work

  29. kamen rider A maker says:

    It still the same after i download this MOD

  30. Yuris Harwijaya says:

    This is a tutorial how to get pokemon sun and moon on ios

    First go to safari or chrome

    And the type tutuapp.net

    And then download tutuapp or tutuapp lite

    And then go to settings and click general

    And then scroll down click Profiles & Device Management

    And then wait for the tutuapp or tutuapp lite to download

    After it downloads go back to setting and go to Profiles & Device Management

    And then click the thing under the tutuapp or tutuapp lite on the Profiles & Device Management

    And then click trust

    And then you can download games in tutuapp lite or tutuapp you can even download games that is hacked

  31. magma flash7772010 says:

    Who's looking at the comments to see if it works

  32. PlushieCommunity World says:

    i wont work for me because i updated minecraft WHy

  33. Paul Gaming says:

    What app is that to download mods?

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