Planes in Vanilla Minecraft 1.9 w/ One Command

Since you guys really seemed to love my Helicopter creation I decided to make Planes with one command and a resourcepack.
It uses some pretty cool mechanics which allows you to fly super smooth curves. I hope you like it! 😀

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Command & Resourcepack (1.9):

Setting for this video:


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1) C5 – Inception

2) daPlaque – Ultimate


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45 Responses

  1. Trucziii Coc says:

    where to find the command

  2. Luke Gustafson says:

    whne i get in the air i got straight down

  3. sly lutfi says:

    sad doesnt workkkk aaah

  4. Chance Fletcher says:

    I can't see the words

  5. Gabriel BETTON says:

    how do you make the plane ?

  6. Jack Tuel says:

    I put in the command but it isn't working. Help me i want an airplane!!

  7. Alexander Waltman says:

    Just copy and paste the command.

    Do you think I'm an idiot? I know how commands work. I can just type it.
    Looks at description

  8. DILL THRILL says:

    it drops every time i try to fly

  9. DANA TILLMAN says:

    every time i take of i get 2 feet than fall

  10. SupraMk4Nerd 06 says:

    Cool but what is the command??

  11. Griytz Messes Up says:

    Right clicking the plane won't work? I am in the correct version

  12. goku nvm says:

    tf that doesnt work for me

  13. Jevil says:

    i just fall

  14. Louis Van Zyl says:

    you can make gta in minecraft with no mods

  15. Ernest Quesada says:

    =( i have 1.12.2

  16. Marguerite Brown says:


  17. Marguerite Brown says:

    a plan

  18. Bill Baba says:

    McMacistein, please tell me what I do wrong because when it going to fly it just turn right or left and then it landing, what i must do?

  19. { PS } Professional Soccer says:

    I dont get it do I have to download the mod first and put the command or do I directly put the command in

  20. Hart Nurnberg says:

    Wait so do you have to buy a resource pack to get the plane?

  21. Nuclear Dragon says:

    Can u tell me the full command i need to type in

  22. Zachary Petherick says:

    Where/How do you get in the plane?

  23. Traptricker says:

    why do I fall out of the air after I take off even when I have 5 selected?

  24. challengers says:

    it dosent work i installed the resource pack and copied the command set it to always active but it dosent work

  25. oh no says:

    why does my plane keep falling when I look up and I'm on Redstone Ready when no mobs are around ;-;

  26. vavv says:

    why didnt it work

  27. pbreexp says:

    Can you update this to 1.12? O and I subbed!

  28. Ace Roane says:

    every time I right click I go through it

  29. JaZZguYY says:

    broken, i'm in mc 1.9.2 with only optifine and the plane after successful take-off, ends up just falling the crashing. I've tried everything, and it has not worked

  30. DreamDewil says:

    i can't open your website.. why?

  31. Kyon Cheng says:

    1.11.2 is down.

  32. FoxReis says:

    walking planes:D

  33. Catau Alina Cristina says:

    pls make a ninjago comand or greenlantern one….

  34. Kellen Hansen says:

    awesome!…but what is the command?

  35. Moonwolf YT says:

    my plane keeps staling

  36. BotProductions says:

    how do u get in it?

  37. Andrei Bondoc says:

    won't work for my server :l Neither will the helicopter one

  38. Andrei Bondoc says:

    Idk y but when I takeoff the plane banks to the right then falls back to the ground. Any idea why?

  39. Super Ky says:

    Is the same reasurse pack as the heilcopter.

  40. Dad_Shoes says:

    "Unable to summon object".

    What am I doing wrong? I put the command into the command block and set to "Always Active", so why is there a problem?

  41. Spencer says:

    Works a little bit in 1.10.2. The only thing that needs fixing is going straight. Taking off works just fine and all of the controls work as promised but I believe it's supposed to move forward by itself but 5 or so blocks after taking off and being in air it just stops and you fly in place..

  42. i28v says:

    i tried to fly it in 1.9 and it started to take off. but then just fell to the ground
    and when i tried it in 1.10 it took off but didint even move.

  43. Jason Finishen says:

    it is not working at all

  44. Rome Kearney says:

    can you change the controls

  45. Diamon Warrior says:

    how do you go in the plane

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