PIXELMON! Minecraft PE: Mod Showcase [Pokecube]

Today we bring a mod showcase that brings Pokemon into Minecraft Pocket Edition!**

– Download Link:
– Developer:

**Note: This mod is still in HIGH Beta, so please do not be rude about the mod.

► How to install Minecraft PE Mods:


► Intro Creator: Stevo FX

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Outro: Astronaut – Champions (WRLD Remix)
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23 Responses

  1. griezell rios says:

    DarkAbsolute 🙁
    I really want this mod so bad!
    But the mediafire download deleted r/ erased your download link, pls make a new link

    I subbed, because your a good MCPE Tuber XD

  2. Sm Fox says:

    How do get this mod

  3. Chennel ganteng says:

    This mod not working!!

  4. Noah is Palatable says:

    Can someone link me the mcpe version and the blocklauncher? When i install my self it does not work 🙁

  5. Brenda Spainhour says:

    That torcich looked in meh soul

  6. Mokey says:

    This ended now

  7. Inoob8C says:

    I am getting android on my birthday

  8. Glitch Playz says:

    Lol xDark Absol ute 😝😎

  9. John Michael Official says:

    I click download but is not working

  10. Melona Bayona says:

    Lol Scumbag XD lol

  11. Poi 18 says:

    What version is your minecraft

  12. Itz Vaxyl says:

    You sex

  13. Ana Eno says:

    But this is not real minecraft and how you ise mod in here

  14. Sai Zan Htut says:

    How to download Pixelmon

  15. Abigail Florentino says:

    Learn how to pronounce everything properly!!!

  16. Tekurukuto says:


  17. fanatici crew says:

    Fai vacare

  18. Elizabeth Flores says:

    Como as descargado pokemon minicraft

  19. Hi Am is Jalen says:

    Is it free

  20. BR_ SQUAD says:

    At least I know how to download it

  21. Sage Gaming says:

    How did you get that mod I want it

  22. Xrmx says:

    The intro got me weak😂😅🤣

  23. The Flame Viper says:

    the only grass type I would choose is bulbasaur

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