Pioneer Israel presents Dj BrainDeaD – DDJ-SX

Dj BrainDeaD & Pioneer Israel in a special collaboration, demonstrating the new Pioneer DDJ-SX Controller.
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Videographer and Editor: Vasily Schpraga @Cinevas

Project Manager – Elad Mezamer from EMPR Management

גאה להציג בפניכם את שיתוף הפעולה הרשמי שלי עם פיוניר ישראל – הצגת הקונטרולר החדש של פיוניר
אני לא תמיד חייב פטיפונים 🙂
צפו בסרטון, שימו לב לכיוון המוסיקלי החדש שלי, חפשו את קטע המקור העומד להשתחרר בקרוב ונמצא בתוך הסט.

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46 Responses

  1. djBrainDeaD says:

    Are you interested in a breakdown video of this mashup? Leave a comment (and don't forget
    to subscribe) 🙂


    Which console do you use?

  3. คุนหนูเฟรน เรชชิ่งโอนลี่ says:

    1.46. Song name

  4. kevin fletcher says:

    Alguien sabe el nombre del cantante que canta en la primera parte???

  5. Nevrakse says:

    December 2019 !!!

  6. DJ ZANKY says:


  7. Jedidiah Goldman says:


  8. Maria Moreno says:

    Como se llama el tema del minuto 3:50

  9. clara cottone says:

    Hai ragione

  10. rcl lens59 says:

    Top ,très bon

  11. Ariel LyricsPH says:

    New youtuber here 🙂

  12. ээ асет тудет сай ен says:

    это просто охуенно) с русских лайк)

  13. Wojciech Durmala says:


  14. Jefferson Lops says:


  15. DJ Irma Torres says:


  16. BlazeVampire says:

    Is this DjHero 2020?

  17. Núp Lùm says:

    So fucking trash

  18. Dj ,S ,T Mix says:


  19. Yansi Pinto says:


  20. wily becerra rosales says:

    Me gusto❤

  21. Ich Bin Deutsche Prinzessin says:


  22. AMstr says:

    Fuck Israel!!

  23. Maslina Setyaningrum says:

    Mbois 👍👍

  24. on on says:


  25. Cynthia m says:

    I love 😍😍😍

  26. Juank Godinez says:

    Más de 2 años escuchando esta mezcla..y la verdad me encanta…nunca me aburre…subeleee voooluuumen dj..

  27. Jessa Shiraishi Arima Salibay says:

    Nice!! Im Listening to great music while learning what the functions of the other buttons are💕💪Thumbsup

  28. Mike Gonzales says:


  29. rcl lens59 says:


  30. Lec Robles says:

    What is tittle of the sound at 3:30 mins? ilove the beat sir im dancer so please notice me

  31. darren bleech says:

    September 2019 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  32. Ali Shariff says:

    My favourite Dj.

  33. Mar co says:


  34. rjmn1 says:

    Came here because of your work with skratch bastid, wickedly talented you are brother 🔥
    Big ups!

  35. yêuBly Tv Official says:


  36. gilmar machado says:

    Quanto custa uma mesa dessa heim? Top .

  37. rio Pradana says:


  38. Sridevi 556 says:

    wow awsm….man ❤

  39. Lionel Minatchy says:

    Why at 4:57 all the faders are closed with sounds at the same time ?

  40. canh nguyen van says:


  41. DDJ M i K k Z 7live says:

    Can u explain whats the websites do you preeffer or Download tracks….
    Sir plzz I m from india please sir
    Give me some Website to i play a better playlists and a song…. Please sir

  42. Jonathan Mathias da conceição says:

    O cara manja mais tem um pessimo gosto para musica

  43. vidio viral joss says:

    Yg nonton indonesia like oke

  44. MelQue souza says:

    Lokuraaa totaaal

  45. Mathias Jensen says:

    a good video☺️😎

  46. Leirinmirikan Leirinmirikan says:

    You a the best braindead😍😍

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