Pioneer DDJ-SX Serato Performance Video

New from the Serato testing lab. A performance video on the Pioneer DDJ-SX controller using Serato DJ, featuring Kutcorners.


‘I Just Go’ (Falcons Remix)
By DJemba DJemba
Mad Decent

‘Action’ (Kutcorners Remix)
By Matty C
11 Inch Records

‘Style, Class’ Flair’
By U-Tern
Big Foot Records

By Forty-One
Self Released


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33 Responses

  1. James Simpson says:

    Sync 😂

  2. Snap_92 says:

    Guys buy expansive controllers for “mix” stupid music RIP

  3. Philipp S. says:

    is this controller compatible with windows 10?

  4. Electronic Cat Official says:

    I want ashing

  5. Nicckz says:

    So my dad bought me this out of no where a couple years ago. Anyone know how I can learn to use it…

  6. Dj Freddy Hernandez says:


  7. Joseph Dove says:

    I want action… And the DDJ-SX

  8. Sam Landry says:

    Synch dj !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. DJ GIOVANNI says:

    LOVE MY DDJ-SX2!!!

  10. Bequer Azazel Gutierrez Murillo says:

    Yo ledi un like porque se lo difícil que es mezclar dups y al mismo tiempo poner te en las tornamesas

  11. Zer0isurher0 says:

    Did this model really drop down in price?!

  12. Taga Bacolod Ako says:

    Which is more expensive sz or sx?

  13. Yolanda Scott says:

    i love my ddj sx…its a beast!!!

  14. Ellis X says:

    how much

  15. rvre candy says:

    sync is used. cmon man…

  16. Anri Kola says:

    Hi ! I have a problem Ddj sx not rotate lights jog … See this video Ddj sx not rotate lights jog and the scroll research with jog, very slow
    Does anybody how to fix it ?

  17. JAMS DjPhotoBooth says:

    This is the exact controller we use at jamsdjphotobooth!
    As you can see we can have a Jamming party or event..

  18. David Estrelinha says:

    Please, buy compensates DDJ SX instead of SR?
    The SX has better performance? What are the advantages?
    And it's Preferable to buy DDJ SX or CDJ-350?

  19. Csimbók Zsoltné says:

    ddj sx

  20. Kareemo2R says:

    its old

  21. random dude says:

    tonight i want action

  22. Swakky says:

    LOL the Man Synch Music > Synch Music with Pitch
    You can see at 1:54 LOL

  23. Chris Bickford says:

    OMFG how sensitive do I need my crossfader? 

  24. Majestic Sound says:

    This is so lame…There's absolutely nothing great about this mix.

  25. Jan Slebodník says:

    Great mix 🙂

  26. Marc Basscall says:

    Where to get the acapella version of action? Can't find it 🙁

  27. Josh_ S says:

    Why does it say "Craze"By Forty-One and their soundcloud in the description? The songs not on their page. But it is on another one "Nick Mclaren" -Craze O.o Copyright?

  28. Total Truck Performance says:

    Is it just me or is sync turned on

  29. Jack Sparrool says:

    cuanto sale la mixer ?

  30. José Claudio Höfling Filho says:


  31. sonic dj says:

    muito bom

  32. Chad Rosario says:

    @Jaykee Evangelista I want action. 😀

  33. McGuire DjEQ says:

    looking forward to this so bad

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