DJ Ty gives a much-anticipated overview of the Pioneer DDJ-SX controller, available from …


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  1. Renaissance Man says:

    Wow this is probably the best tutorial I've found yet on how to use the Pioneer DDJ-SX2 with Serato! I just bought mine and struggled to find a good walk thru and face it, the documentation sucks.

  2. dale charles says:

    suggest an L-shaped headphone jack so you don't snap it off =)

  3. Michael Glynn says:

    Can you use an audio interface to use other softwares with the DDJ-SX?

  4. DJ Emin_Music says:

    thanks man

  5. Mohammad Khurshed Alam says:

    Dear sir how to configure between Dj and laptop i have no i idea please can tell me

  6. JZ Gurung says:

    does this work with recordbox?

  7. JARED SWIFF says:

    Very thorough run through on this controller…thanks!

  8. MARC VIDZ says:

    Just did a mix on same setup come check it out!

  9. George Munoz says:

    Can anyone answer a question for me? Does the needle search area on the Pioneer DDJ-SX light up as the track plays on? I could of sworn I saw a video or a picture of something like that but I can't remember where I saw it. Thank you.

  10. David Estrelinha says:

    Please, buy compensates DDJ SX instead of SR?
    The SX has better performance? What are the advantages?
    And it's Preferable to buy DDJ SX or CDJ-350?

  11. Prince Tshabalala says:

    Im so taken away got mine Thank you Pionneer

  12. Dimitri Keshishyan says:

    What program was on the computer? Does it come with it?

  13. rickypt07 says:

    great video. Thank you for posting. 

  14. Hi-Fi Insider says:

    great video!  I think a new SX is liniment since this version is over two years old.

  15. Dragon Sound Crew says:

    I currently have the Hercules RMX 2 and want to upgrade to a pioneer. I don't know what to choose the DDJ-SX or the DDJ-SZ I like both but I don't know. I use it for house parties corporate events and sometimes halls. Could some one help?

  16. E-Dj DrojdStepZ_ says:

    is it usb ?

  17. Ani2bfabulous says:

    I have an HP computer with windows 8 i5 intel will this work with ddj-sx and Serato? Please need an answer right away!

  18. Krysta Pabst says:

    Can this hardware control two other CDj hardware decks,  for expanding purposes? 

  19. Wolf In The Woods says:

    So are DJ's bringing these to gigs or is it more of a studio toy?  I wanna upgrade from 15 yrs of vinyl, but I'm not sure whether to go with laptop + ddj sx, or dual media players and a djm 900.  Thoughts?….

  20. andre brown says:

     I have a computer with Window 7, when i turn on my controller with my computer the program shuts down. I have updated the firmwire, and it still shut down. the volume LEDs goes straight to red,  then the message that the program is shutting down comes up. (HELP)

  21. Marcus Vega says:


  22. Terence Kearns says:

    Excellent review. Thanks!

  23. eldjgasolina djgasolina says:


  24. Maverick says:

    WTF!!! I marketed Numark for ghe longest! Now u pull this bullshit?!!!

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