Pioneer DDJ-SX "I'm just screwing around" electro/scratch mix or something

I got a Pioneer DDJ-SX and decided to mess around with it. It’s not a proper mix, but I uploaded it anyway.

Pioneer DDJ-SX –
Pioneer Facebook –
DJ Ravine Facebook –

1. Wax Motif feat. Madame Buttons – Never Fall Again (Original Mix)
2. Topher Jones – Brohammer (Nari & Milani Dub Remix)
3. A-Trak & Tommy Trash – Tuna Melt (Original Mix)
4. Acti & Stana – Creeple (Original Mix)
5. Zeds Dead – No Prayers (Note: I used the outro only and looped it)


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49 Responses

  1. MicroClick says:

    Its soooooooooo goooood if you dont planned it

  2. VoltNation says:

    This guys deserves millions of subs.

  3. SB You tube Bangla says:

  4. Samit Sahu says:

    So nice mixcher

  5. Kumar Gharti says:


  6. Gisselle ivy Tizon says:

    Hjejejegheg hehejehhej hhwijeiejejjej

  7. Gabriele Salerno says:

    ok controller and tecnical, music is out….

  8. SIDERAL says:



    Name first song?

  10. WiFi-Study study Gupta says:

    Bhai mera ek song mix krk YouTube pr dal do hm vhi se download kr lenge,
    College me dance krna h simple song…
    Tere ankhiyo ka yo Kajal (Sapna)
    O Ldki aankh mare (Simba)
    Socha hai ( badshahoo)
    Bholi si surat ( sahroof Khan)
    4-5minute ka ho
    Please bhaiya

  11. COD Mobile Gameplay says:

    Sorry I'm new to djing can someone explain to me why he spammed the cue button at the beginning

  12. CAR TREND says:

  13. Martin GmbH says:

    Still hearing this mix 2019 xD

  14. Marshmello says:

    im geting one next week

  15. ErCapoAlex says:

    Just screwin' around, he said. Great job!

  16. Santi Puma says:

    Muy buen video, felicidades.
    Tienes un nuevo suscriptor.
    Que Software usas para mezclar ?

  17. Samin Nuredinov says:

    It's not suck but is is maiby your badest mix you have do and send in youtube

  18. Louie Guzman says:

    I remember finding you, and this mix around 2012. Here I am 7 years later.. Like I found it for the first time. You're a stud pal.

  19. Tarik Asiz says:

    Nice job😁😁😀

  20. Susan Huckaby says:

    Who cares about people who think it was bad u treys and that's all that matters

  21. Shiji Binoy says:

    Bro you are awsome

  22. Vinayak Hujarati says:


  23. Matthew Davis says:

    Very well done! Just screwing around? lol

  24. zoid panda says:

    Sound like some rocket league music

  25. rickengineering says:


  26. DJ F4ST says:

    Hi guys, pass if you want to my Youtube channel 😊 I'm a DJ! 😉👌

  27. Southern Beach says:

    The music good

  28. Mxlle SlOaNeUh says:

    Trop cool continue comme sa
    Trop d enfer tu saura un professionnel DJ continue
    Dedicads ton fans Jason
    Nanou an vouiae a moins
    Un message

  29. beri erik says:

    good job!!

  30. beri erik says:


  31. rochellejoy daragosa says:

    it was good but something was off I am still wandering what it is! hehehehe

  32. The General says:

    I think this is still pretty good

  33. noah says:

    Who thinks that the music is only in the backround?

  34. Amit Kumar says:

    BTW THAT thing was not that much bad. That wass fine. I like it.

  35. Chritian Vallesteeos says:

    So more

  36. Brenda Duran says:

    This dude just getting better and better !!!!

  37. Liam Allen-Phillips says:

    I think you need to improve on scracth but I think it sounds nice keep it up

  38. Sameera Thamel says:

    Yo brother where’s the master volume 😂 you think that we are stupid

  39. Fortnite Pro 2007 says:


  40. veena kandhari says:

    Bro it was the coolest mixing that i have heard

  41. Syrop Na Kaszel says:

    10:33 ! Dude !

  42. charlie Gusion says:

    Nice po ang dj pa turo po ako

  43. Paul Reese says:

    thinking about buying me a set up but ive never done this shit but who knows ill put 1.5k down on some shit that i might like even tho i owe the court system 750 bc of restitution

  44. J C says:

    fai schifo 💩💩💩💩💩

  45. TFT TheFalconTeam says:

    Am i probably the only one who cant DJ wtf

  46. twat2019 says:

    Lol! He had some trouble with the cue points xD , nice mix man

  47. radioactive taco says:

    I think pretty good

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