PES 2017 – Fc Barcelona Vs Real Madrid (Ps4 Gameplay – Superstar)

PES 2017 – Fc Barcelona Vs Real Madrid (Ps4 Gameplay – Superstar)

Big thanks to the PES AHMED 11:
for providing me footage of this gameplay, chech his channel for more pes action !

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Outro song:

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26 Responses

  1. amz power says:

  2. Andrew Scott says:

    Wow the graphics are actually better than 2020

  3. JOUTUBE neca net says:

    kako ima real madrid

  4. van hai tran says:

    mình vừa mới cài bình luận tiếng việt cho pes 2017 2019 chơi khá đã tại

  5. AGM 95 says:

    Pes commentary make me sick
    It's all the same in every release

  6. Rick Importante says:


  7. Saint Isaiah says:

    I play this at pc and its completely superbb😍

  8. ajaywhale e says:

    lol you set all barcelona players to 99 everything 😅😅

  9. Matthew says:

    Whats the name of the intro song, please tell me

  10. chetan core smash says:

    Anyone watching this after Playing pes 19?

  11. เซจ้อย says:

    u cant beat me

  12. YOU TUBE GAMER says:


  13. Samarth Joshi says:

    what are the requirements for best performence in pc for this game ?

  14. ÖMER MSF says:


  15. kheneld ledezma says:

    eres un malo lo tienes en facil

  16. Riasat Salmin Sami says:

    Pes 17 was better than 18.

  17. chris myronitis says:

    super star, hahahahaha this is beginer

  18. Kim Jong Un says:

    my ratings to pes
    Graphics 9/10
    gameplay 5.2/10
    overall 6.7

    pes for graphics
    fifa for gameplay

  19. Innocence Kabuthi says:

    Pes 18 is dope very good graphics konami nice job in pes 18

  20. Innocence Kabuthi says:

    I dont care about pes 17 or fifa 17 they suck

  21. Innocence Kabuthi says:

    Fifa 18 is very nice but pes 18 is better

  22. Innocence Kabuthi says:

    Alot of fifa fans

  23. Innocence Kabuthi says:

    Navas has a carrot nose

  24. Yugesh Singaram says:

    Which mod did u use?

  25. Larry Tate says:

    More fun, this or FIFA?

  26. Parsa Samni says:

    why does this look like pure shit?!?!?! are all PES this trash looking, the quality reminds me of atary or some shit in 2000's

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