Pac-Man – Perfect Game 3,333,360

A “perfect” game of the original Pac-Man arcade game ends on board 256 with the maximum score possible: 3,333,360.

All dots, ghosts, and bonus symbols must be consumed to achieve a perfect score, and no deaths may occur until reaching the final board (i.e., the “split screen”). On the final board, the 5 extra men are intentionally sacrificed; each death regenerates the 9 hidden dots on the right side of the split screen, allowing for an additional 90 points per man sacrificed.

Performed using WolfMAME 0.178 on 1/26/2017.

Total game time: 5h 25m 54s


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39 Responses

  1. The Brand23 says:

    Why is there 4 pacman. It usually starts m 3

  2. Flameblox Gaming and coding says:

    Look at the bottom of the glitch screen, it says NO NO NO

  3. Viktor plahn says:

    Smart to use the same play and just Replay it look at the end on Every win its the same and if you look closley you ser its the same tape all the times

  4. Steven Farias says:

    Bro this guy is a liar it's just a replay of one level

  5. Nim Vorbroker says:

    When you almost get to the half screen and your dad turns the machine off

  6. Devil the gamer YT says:

    5:23:07 you broke the game

  7. Ben Donovan says:

    0:43 Wow! Pacman is just………. standing there, Pinky, Inky, Clyde, and even Blinky are just ignoring him!

  8. Yiğit Yavuz says:

    1980 what

  9. Hägar The Viking says:

    Members of Flat Earth Society like this video 🤣🤣

  10. BS Corvin says:

    Damn, he really went and ate all the glitch pellets too

  11. Snowy Icicle says:

    I intend to learn how to do this in order to be able to say "Hey, i think I can get a beyter pac man score than you. Let them go first and then do this

  12. Utube Allday says:

    Score is only 333,360. You earned dislike for that

  13. Utube Allday says:

    you didnt have to wait and pause too much

  14. Netty de Boer says:

    no one can beat thano-

  15. Ed Jones says:

    If you were able to twist a penny in a certain direction, you could play Pac Man with a penny instead of a quarter.

  16. Kacper Nick I Gry says:


  17. MrSid says: everyone check out my attempt

  18. EPIC EBIKES says:

    legend has it a cherry will appear after 2 hours of waiting on this last level. sorry dude !

  19. Dale Miller says:

    My high score is 168,250 (without using a pattern or memorizing the ghosts patterns).

  20. Jesica Rodriguez Olguin says:

    bu bu

  21. Michael Shelley says:

    and i thought i was a badass at 15 with 350,000 points!!! LOL (i was usually the top scorer)

  22. xavier the great says:

    Who sees the word nog in final level

  23. RealityComet says:

    5:21:04 Clyde’s just over there having an existential crisis over being in a simulation

  24. cookies and milk panda says:

    When I listen carefully I hear "*A DOT*" in a really love voice Lol XD

  25. Gregory Tyse says:

    I have a dear childhood friend that had a "pattern" and he was able to play this game at-great-length.

  26. Andy Knowles says:

    This is an AI playing.

  27. Ronald Donald says:

    did the game crash at 5:20:57???

  28. Ronald Donald says:


  29. Yamiman 66 says:

    that dose not mean anything

  30. Yamiman 66 says:

    that dose not mean anything

  31. Alex V says:

    Imagine listening to that noise for 5 hours haha

  32. Mister Creep says:

    Only a lame nerd gets high scores like these. You've got to be a pretty pathetic person to have the time to play for five hours and set some high score that doesn't matter

  33. Mokalama Chaabi says:

    Yo crazy man

  34. Marshall Horton says:

    Wait it's illegal to have 4 lives in Pacman the limit is 2

  35. Pedo Bear says:

    (10 seconds before beating the record)
    "it would be an awful shame if….someone happened to unplug this"

  36. Loganboii Loganboii says:

    it was on repeat

  37. rifted says:

    5:20:55 co-op mode activated

  38. ray jay says:

    U gonna cause these ghost to need therapy

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