Pac-Attack – Game Grumps VS

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48 Responses

  1. Quackers says:

    Its genuinely incredible how Dan's performance actually got worse as he Thought He understood the game more.

  2. Chris Ray says:

    Wow, 6 years ago Arin was terrible at Pac-Attack

  3. that_pac12 says:

    You guys suck at playing this game lmao.

  4. Wyatt Bauman says:

    0:56 hey Pac-Man how about you get on this sack man
    2:55 fack you
    3:19 he sounds like Johnny from ted
    5:43 eat the ghosts you yellow fack
    9:50 you better get back down on my cack
    11:31 ffffffaaaaaaackkk!

  5. Josh Watson says:

    This is still one of the funniest game grumps episodes

  6. pueblo aye says:

    Kinda sounds like Eminem rapping

  7. Nugget says:

    dogs when they see another dog

  8. Jerrica Leonard says:

    Was Danny's voice impression of the Hanna Barbera version of Clyde intentional?

  9. Hutch2Much says:

    Fun Fact: this is one of my favorite episodes, because it (somehow) bypasses my school’s YouTube restricted mode, so i watch this episode a lot

  10. Gorilla People Gameplays says:

    Do pretend like you didn't hear me YOU FACKIN CACKSUCKA

  11. Prince Charmling says:

    9:15 👌👌👌

  12. KW's World says:


  13. Jamar Goss says:

    Hi I meant your dad today bro

  14. whyme777x says:

    If Pac Man has some books to carry, does he put them in his pac backpack?

  15. Chara Dreemurr says:


  16. Save_the_ Turtles_3 says:

    I hate the VS part

  17. Vulpes Ailurus says:

    Arin sounds just like Jon when he does the New Jersey accent.

  18. 3M1LY Official says:

    I played this before…

  19. Ezra F. says:

    I remember skipping 1st period freshman year bc of anxiety and watched this(along w/ the Sonic 06 play through) and neatly died on the toilet at "YOU PIECE OF YELLOW SHIT". Now I'm in college and it still got a laugh outta me

  20. Dylan Shanley says:


  21. Xianad says:

    I legitimately am going to have to visit the doctor due to possible ling damage because i laughed so hard

  22. Beatle4 -11 says:

    Looking back on this now, it is wild to me that this is from only a few weeks of Dan being Not-So-Grump. Their friendship has not changed at all, I could see this as being a recording from yesterday ;3;

  23. Robert Brush says:

    Ah fuck yea pack attack

  24. EN3MYGR1ND3R says:

    i finished ima go pac off

  25. Ben Dawson says:

    0:51 I died

  26. Jacques Doucet says:

    This was my first Game Grumps episode and I became a fan immediately. God I love you Danny

  27. falling stars says:

    mean bean machine and also tetris but pacman

  28. マリーアMartoki says:

    The original Dude 😂

  29. Far_From_ Kin says:

    I have a Gameboy advance cartridge that has this on it.

  30. [Raw] says:

    Watching dan play this game gave me a fucking aneurysm . Who makes tetris moves like this??

  31. Dino_Wolf Hybrid Hero says:


  32. movie stalker says:

    what u r looking for can be found by pressing the number 8

  33. JBC says:

    Arin Is playing as Sue

  34. Geena Feldkötter says:

    This is the first episode of game grumps I've seen and it's already five years old. All they do is yell, giggle and swear for eleven minutes and I fucking love it! What can I say, their charm lured me in. It's been a good couple of years. To five more of those!

  35. Firstname Lastname says:

    Did it really take 8 minutes for Dan to clear a line? And he did it accidentally and didn't even notice? Oh my god

  36. Masterxl MVs says:

    “Don’t bother me for a couple hours! Im gonna be filin’ our PAC-ATTAXES!!!”

  37. Xelendwyne Thalmor Dark Elf says:

    „I used the patented Bittenbinder method“

  38. GMo Kang-Suh says:

    This is so amazing.


  39. Jess Hill says:

    I giggled all the way through this

  40. Creepy crawler says:

    Plz part two!! I love hearing the accents

  41. Lesley RedRhody says:

    Oh, man! I miss this game!

  42. Avery French says:

    The song by Billy Joel is "Movin' out" Anthonys song, one of my favorites, second only to piano man.

  43. Simply Sherbert says:

    11:36 of Dan and Arin doing a pretty good Jontron impression.

  44. somesadarthoe says:

    You can pac attack my sac bby

  45. Cha Cha Mankey says:

    "This game? I think birth made us stupid."

  46. Sebastien Decuyper says:

    That may be one of my favorite Game Grumps episodes EVER.

  47. Jingle T says:

    (Fast) In this corner grump
    In the other corner not-so-grump

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