NEVER use Medium FPS in PUBG Mobile (Here's Why) – PUBG MOBILE

In this video, I will be giving reasons as to why you should never use Medium FPS (Frames Per Second) in PUBG Mobile as it puts you at a disadvantage even against a Low FPS Player

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43 Responses

  1. Mercury says:

    Since this Video got more views than I thought (Thanks to my Good Friend (posting it on Reddit) heres a Summary

    Most AR's fire rate is decreased because of Medium FPS (Maybe it has to do with the Time between shots and Bullet Velocity)

    Extreme-Ultra-High-Low has same fire rate or in simple word their firing speed is same while Medium FPS on the other hand decreases that (Thumbnail and Tests)
    Timestaps for tests –
    0:28 – Low and High Comparison
    0:43 – Low and Medium
    0:57 – Low and Medium (MK)
    1:06 – Low,Medium,High,Ultra,Extreme
    1:23 – Extreme and Medium (AKM)
    1:38 – Medium and High (M249)

    In the end, Low settings offers 20 Fps while medium offers 24-25 fps, Its not that different but 5 Bullets may make a huge difference, So I would definitely recommend Low Fps over Medium Fps as it basically gives advantage against Medium Fps Players

  2. SU Playz says:

    This guy is underrated so much!

  3. Ajay Singh says:

    watch wack jacky’s video its for PC version but he gives explanation what is actually happening

  4. Gopi MGS says:

    Is the laptop

  5. Gopi MGS says:

    In wat phone u play

  6. Haha Haha says:

    Does ultra and extreme have significant difference and game changer? I’m using iphone 7plus so i can only set to ultra..

  7. Erdogan Always Rock says:

    Need advice .plz reply

  8. Deus D king says:

    Uhm can you speak fuckinggg English!! Wtf man.

  9. Muhammed Asif says:

    Bro which fps is good for low end mobile 2gb ram mobile for nit laging

  10. Hybrid Gaming says:

    wow dude grt content but less views .. i suppport u

  11. sandeep singh says:

    sale humara phone ma high chlta he nahi to kaha sa khala

  12. AB creation says:

    Are bhai mera smooth ultra h..Abhi 2/3 dino se bhot continually framedrops hore h Pubg m aisa q bhai..

  13. Venom says:

    Had they fixed this glitch? I think not.

  14. Ahmad Faraz says:

    Fuck indians

  15. come lets start says:

    Agr me 30 fps aur smne wala 60 fps pr khel rha ho to damage me firk padta he kya kyuki me bhut jaldi mar jata hu aur mera dost pata nhi muje lgta he jayda hit krna padta he use

  16. Apu Biswas says:

    Is this still applicable on v1.4

  17. Abhay Chandra Singha says:

    Nice bro and thka

  18. CuteCav says:

    P2W lol

  19. TheOneBilal says:

    What phone do you use?

  20. HD PLAST says:

    they fixed the glitch?

  21. ajay aju says:

    60 fps kre ya 30 ya 40 rply pls

  22. B4M OFFICIAL says:

    Fuck me S2 se medium use kar Raha hu

  23. aliesha fuller says:

    I used to plsy on iphone 6 which is capped at medium fps i was good Sf had a 25 kill game

  24. Loli’s Pop says:

    Yo isnt this supposed to be english

  25. dont know says:

    Gfx tools jindaabad 10k ke mobile me 30k ke mobile kima maza

  26. Alex X X says:

    What language are you actually speaking

  27. itsNawaf GT says:

    What you settings graphics

  28. Vaishvik Maske says:

    This video quality is so high, dude… I have never watched any emulator gameplay video with this much great quality. Any secret?

  29. Aryan says:

    Great vid

  30. GAMeR MAViC says:

    Chabba ko janta hai

  31. Salil says:

    Jub bhai extreme wale atee hay samnee tho TDM may hum medium FPS walee bohot burri taraha see piitee hay

  32. HD PLAST says:

    is the issue still for today and they have money many players buy uc

  33. 73ICE says:

    I have a terrible life because my iPad only has (Low) and (Medium) frame rate only 🙁

    And I wish I had a new iPad

  34. ALkasser /الكاسر says:

    You can tell Tenset about this problem and maybe they can fix it. I'd appreciate it

  35. IsTheYaak says:

    My device only supports Medium

  36. Zuraidah Armand says:

    bruh help my pubg frame rate just on the high

  37. Debdut Chakraborty says:

    Ayaj barao chutia

  38. Roar DRAGON says:

    How to change

  39. SaddyCroco says:

    Nice video brother u seem to b right, though in low fps has disadvantages of it's own

  40. Chinese Pubgm Pros says:

    Any diffrence betwn high and extreme i got prob cuz my dev can only run pubgm in high fps but i can patch it with gfx bt it lags what to do??? Should i patch it or no to fight with professional ace league players

  41. 『Den』 Pubgm says:

    im legit stuck on medium fps

  42. SALLU GAMER says:

    I subscribe your channel BCz of best explanation😘😍😍

  43. Wild Cat says:

    Why u have an english tittle while talking in ur shitty language

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