This is a Shopee game that u can buy the product for only $1 and you have the chance to win the prize. $1 Big Prizes


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  1. Ginalyn YT says:



    Wow congrats paps ayos alright so cool so fun

  3. Naysha Gaming says:

    Congrats ate. Dikitan na kita..ikaw napo bahala. Godbless

  4. choice tv 7 says:

    JEAN POT DELA VEGA very beautiful video

  5. Garcia Family Vlogs says:

    Ang swerte mo nman sis may pang vlog ka na

  6. It's me Jolie B. says:

    Hi sis u have a nice vlog…. tapos ko na kulayan ang bahay mo sana kulayan mo rin bahay ko

  7. Nurse Sarami FC says:

    Hi sis.. ito ko nagtty ako..

  8. Inday Xagad says:

    wow ganda nman sa $1 good quality canon..

  9. DocSammy Wanderer says:

    Wow ang swerte naman! Keep it up sis. Btw dalaw ka dn sa Bahay ko

  10. RMA Official says:

    Congratulations ganda

  11. Renren B says:

    mahilig ka pala beshy sa shopee

  12. Guanzon Family says:

    sana ol..

  13. CEALUZA VLogs says:

    swerte mo naman ate at nanalo ka sa pa na canon..galing

  14. Button Warrior says:

    Hi! Nice ng mga vids po! New friend here. Done and done! All the best and good luck!

  15. Ihwa Son says:

    Ang swerte mo sis ganda ng camera

  16. Miss M A vlogger maid says:

    You deserved it ganda!ayan laking blessing yan,,

  17. mY life passion TV says:

    Congrats sis d2 na po ako at nagawa ko din po lhat god bless stay connected

  18. THE AMEGUS says:

    Congrats sa bagong camera mo gana swerte mo nman hehe

  19. yanzkie TV says:

    wow ang galing nman panu k po nanalo hehe nahhaploss napokitah pashipa dinpabaleyk hah assahan kitah

  20. Kim in Ohio says:

    wow namn sis,ang swerte mo namn bagong bago na camera mo…

  21. Kantahan at Gitara says:

    Ate congrats syo saya saya plitan tyo ^_^

  22. BMC Episodes says:

    Thats a big price to give…I wish i won .hehe

  23. Mi-ae Park says:

    Ganda naman nyan

  24. Azel Vlog says:

    Wow congratulations sis u lucky naging winner u..paiwan Ng bakas sa amin

  25. Jaymar Naelgas says:

    Unboxing naman tayo Wow congrats po kaibigan ang ganda naman niyan kaibigan may bago ka ng camera

  26. Video Keren Dj says:

    hello my sister how are you …
    I came to visit watching videos of my brother's cool and good works I really like …

    I have dimmed everything, I hope it's blessing and success … keep on working, bro, to be more successful … don't forget to come to my place

    Greetings from me in Indonesia

    for my friend all who are here if you want to know me come to my house okay …

  27. Ausie Dream Filipina Expat says:

    Great video my friend,,full watched the video till the end…

  28. Leah Pao says:

    Wow ha nice camera sis…..

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