MY NEW MAIN KEYBOARD?! – Ducky X Varmilo Panda Pro Unboxing & Review (w/ Typing Test)

So I recently picked up a ducky x varmilo panda pro keyboard with cherry mx blue switches. I figured I’d make an unboxing and review as I really enjoy those types of videos! I also do a typing test in which I compare the sound and feel of my corsair K70 with cherry mx reds. Leave a like if you enjoyed and leave your thoughts down below!
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34 Responses

  1. The Freaking TF2 Gamer says:

    Lovely keyboard

  2. Hamaji Neo says:

    7:08 crispy af

  3. ogcen says:

    producing man: How many rings you want?
    Pyrojoe: yes

  4. Thicc Cards says:

    Bruh you arent Billie Eilish, anything more than 1 ring on a male is hideous

  5. AkioTheArsonist says:

    F for Joe's voice.

  6. Benji says:

    Love your vids, but please get a juicy camera💦

  7. realising_you_dont_know says:

    The toy panda is so stupid.

  8. Jachuu says:

    This keyboard is totally shit

  9. Aaron4Life says:

    I'll let y'all talk about the keyboard but DAMN clean your room my guy !

  10. D O G G O says:

    6:40 thats fucking gamer asmr

  11. The Trashmann says:

    I'm stuck with a Mechanical "Feeling" gaming keyboard I'm gonna consider a new one soon 😀

  12. Fraxey says:

    100$ for the keyboard 100$ for the mouse 4800$ for the Panda

  13. Dempsy17 says:

    It looks like those keyboards which has comic Sans on it and is meant for 3 year olds

  14. ♭ʊ†﹩℮к﹩ says:

    The best mouse is The smashela from my country BULGARIA the best gaming The Packt

  15. Vintage says:

    For a 5000 dollar keyboard it loooks the way I’d expect it

  16. Independent together says: i need it? Yes do i have the money for it? No

  17. Minecrafter 3929 says:

    Man you have a lot of rings on lol

  18. Christian Rosario says:

    Personally, I’m a bigger fan of the ducky x frozen llama looks-wise, but this keyboard looks great too!

  19. Christian Rosario says:

    Oh, I clicked on this thinking it was by one of the many tech-tubers I watch. Wasn’t expecting PyroJoe to be making a keyboard review 😛

  20. Sensation says:

    Got a tenkeyless keyboard and never looking back to full size again!

    Edit: Oh hey, got the model o as well(its great so get ready for them frags)

  21. 「 Ripper938 」 says:

    I want this, but alas, money restricts me once again

  22. Aar says:

    I've been using the same G710+ with brown switches for almost 6 years, maybe I should consider upgrading…

  23. brkndr says:

    I don't need it.
    I don't need it.
    I don't need it.
    I don't need it.

  24. Dora the explorer says:

    Nice voice cracks

  25. sxl says:

    it looks and sounds like a really good keyboard, honestly would expect nothing less from ducky

    might i ask where you got it? i have a ducky one 2 w/ cherry mx reds that i picked up from but apparently aren’t good outside of USA bc of some shipping thing.

  26. Noel Simon says:

    143 rd

  27. Magead says:

    I hate numpadless keyboards

  28. khali_000 says:

    my cousin has this keyboard thats question i want somebody to answer why is it too small and key pieces?

  29. Mr. FrostBite says:


  30. GabiPro2 says:

    Fifth comment aw mannnn

  31. Probably says:

    u SKATE ?

  32. A. S. says:

    U are noob in tf2,really stop playing it .i.

  33. Gravity Laughing says:

    I legit cannot notice anything different with your voice

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